Hardwood Shutters VS Composite Shutters – Which Suits Your Needs?

Windows are your home’s eyes. Just like how important it is to choose the appropriate style of your windows, it is also essential to consider how you’ll dress all your windows. Fortunately, there are different window shutters you can choose from in today’s market.

Shutters are a great way to add value and beauty to your home. They’re great for controlling privacy, ventilation, and light. They offer privacy and make your windows more attractive. Draperies and some soft window treatments may also be added for softening the look of shutters if needed. These add more luxurious and much richer touch.

Good looking and high quality made window shutters become the newest architectural trend to any home, which add more resale value. While the usual cost of the shutters is greater than the blinds and some kinds of hard treatments, the shutters are more timeless, durable, and better value for any home. Even if shutters were commonly used for exteriors to cool down a home during warmer climates, there are now shutters made for indoors and high in demand nowadays.

More often than not, the shutters are manufactured with various kinds of materials and the common being sold is composite wood and hardwood. But, which is better for your needs?

Hardwood Shutters

Hardwood shutters are light in weight, which make them work well. They are usually around half the weight of the composite counterparts. Some of the good things about hardwood shutters are:

  • Available in different shapes and sizes.
  • Have solid fee and offers twist-free operation when closing and opening.
  • They are long lasting and in numerous applications, hardwood shutters will provide great service for years.
  • Available in a variety of finish. From black to white and everywhere in between.

Composite Shutters

These types of window shutters are produced much quicker than the wood shutters. Composite shutters may be made within 2-3 weeks in majority of applications. These are impervious to water, which make them an ideal choice for bath and shower surrounds as well as windows without glass.

Composite shutters are different than hardwood shutters in many ways. They are heavy and not as stiff as the hardwood shutters. Oftentimes, materials like aluminum and wood are added inside of its parts to help support and stiffen the composite shutters. Although they are not as ideal as other shutters in the market, these are available at affordable prices.

Plantation Shutters Prices – It Is Worth Your Investment?

In comparison to several window treatments available, it is true that the plantation shutters will require you to have a budget. However, once you consider the countless advantages that only these window shutters can offer, your investment will definitely worth it.

Energy Efficiency

Only the plantation shutters provide energy-efficiency and topnotch insulation. Polywood plantation shutters may block up to half of the heat transfer from the windows where some window treatments cannot even come near that insulation level. This only means that you will be able to save money on your AC and home heating bills throughout the year.

Home Value

Homeowners do their research and they are aware of the perks of the plantation shutters. That is the reason why like sparkling new appliances and natural tile floors, the plantation shutters can increase the resale value of your home.


Do you know the typical lifespan of a set of shades or blinds? Well, maybe a few years more if you are lucky enough. Every time you replace the cheapest window treatment, you spend more money and time to shop for another set of blinds. However, if you consider installing plantation shutters on the windows, you know that you are putting a window treatment that would last for a lifetime and manufacturers of these shutters guarantee it.


More than some other reasons, plantation shutters were chosen for the reason that they look better compared to other window treatments. There are no window treatments that could offer the same distinct look and timeless aesthetic and simple elegance of the plantation shutters.

If you want to add such benefits to your home, a reliable plantation shutter provider can be of great help. Their trained professionals will visit your home and would explain all other options and provide you a precise estimate for the job. But, always be wary of the flat quotes from some shutter companies because they usually offer lower than the realistic price just to entice you and would just take your unique needs for granted. If you don’t want this to happen, you should consider shopping around first as this can make a huge difference in saving more from the best plantation shutters prices.

Although plantation shutters are known to be a bit expensive, you will still find some that are cheap and will give you the chance to enjoy savings.

Professional Home Painters: Common Paint Problems You Should Be Aware Of

According to professional painters, one of the best ways of improving the look of your house is to paint it. While this is the case, the most unfortunate thing is that the paint develops problems that give your home an ugly look. To guide you through, here are some of the most common paint problems and how to fix them:

Blistering paint

Blistering paint is characterized by small to medium sized blisters and bubbles under the paint film. The blisters are common on the trim and wood siding. The condition is as a result of many factors such as painting in direct sunlight on a hot surface. When you do this, you trap solvent vapor as the paint dries up quickly. The problem will also come up when the wood is damp thus causing the trapped moisture to expand the paint film.

To fix this problem, you need to scrape away the blistered paint and sand the bare wood. You should then check and repair any missing or loose caulking around the doors and windows.


According to exterior house painting professionals, the efflorescence problem is characterized by crusty white salt deposits that bubble through the paint film from your house. The salts in the concrete get dissolved with the water and then leach to the wall surface as the water evaporates.

The problem comes about due to many reasons such as poor paint preparation by the painting contractor. The problem will also occur if there is heavy moisture migrating through the masonry walls from the inside of the house. To fix this issue you need to remove all the loose flaking, efflorescence, and chalking paint using a wire brush then clean the area with trisodium phosphate. Once the area is clean, apply a new layer of high-quality latex house paint.


Dripping or drooping paint characterize this problem. The problem comes about due to the application of a paint coat that is too bulky or overloaded. The issue will also come about due to application of too thin paint or when the painting technician applies the paint too roughly.

You should fix this problem by redistributing the excessive paint if it’s not yet dry. If it has already dried, sand the rough area and then lightly reapply the paint. To avoid the problem from coming about, ask your local painting contractors to use two light coats instead of one thick coat.

When you are painting your house, you shouldn’t paint the other areas and ignore the bathroom—you should also paint it. To help you out, here are bathroom painting tips recommended by professional painters that you should follow:

Choose the right color

This is important. The color you choose depends on the look you want to create and preferences. If you want to impress the guests when they get into the bathroom, go with attractive colors and paintings. If on the other hand you are a simple person and want just a simple look, go for simple color. There are plenty of colors you can choose from. If you aren’t sure of the right one to choose, ask painting contractors to help you out.

When painting, use both the brush and roller. Use the brush around the edges where the ceiling meets the walls. When it comes to the rest of the bathroom, use rollers. Just like when painting the rest of the house, apply the first coat and then wait for the paint to dry after which you should apply the second coat. You can use the primer or not—it depends on what you are looking to achieve. If interested in brightening up the room with a light, softer color, apply a primer.

Choose the right finish

When it comes to the finish, the right one to go with is the semi-gloss finish. This will come in handy in protecting the walls from the constant moisture. You should note that the finishes are of different varieties. Work with your contractor to choose the one that is ideal for your application.

Protect the floor and woodwork

You are looking to improve the appearance of the bathroom thus you should protect the areas that you don’t want to be damaged by the paint. When it comes to the floors, cover them completely using drop cloths. You should lay the clothes as close to the baseboards as much as possible.  You should avoid using plastic as the paint won’t be absorbed.

When it comes to protecting the woodwork, tape along the top edges using high-quality tape with at least 2” width. You also should tape any door and window frames that you aren’t planning on painting.


These are the tips to consider when painting the bathroom. In addition to choosing the right colors, work with the right people. For peace of mind, have the bathroom painted by experienced local painting contractors