Easy Tips To Get A Convenient Seat In An Airliner While Traveling By Plane

Often we see that the air passengers are dissatisfied about the seat they are getting in flights in spite of spending heavy flight charges. Insufficient leg room, the kick of the small child in the next seat, dispute over the armrest etc are some of the common areas of discord among air travelers.  Everyone would like to get the aisle seat in the front side of the plane with empty seat next to him. I am going to explain some tips now so that next time you travel you can reap the benefits of reading this now.

The best seat on a plane

Seats in the front side of the plane, window seats, aisle seats, exit row seats etc are considered as the best seats by the passengers who regularly use airlines for their travel purposes. Naturally you may prefer an aisle seat in the front portion of the plane so that you can debark easily on arrival at the airport. You may also wish to be seated in a window seat so that your head gets good rest.  Nervous people may prefer seats over the wing where turbulence will be less.

There will be more leg space in the exit row seats. But when you travel with your family they are not appropriate. Children are not allowed to sit in the exit rows. US law prevents children to be seated immediately in front of or at the back of the exit row seats.

Many flight travelers prefer bulkhead seats that are directly situated behind the physical barriers like curtain of screens, walls etc that are used to separate the different areas of the plane. As there is no seat in front of you, there is no chance of any passenger reclining to your lap. You will get some extra leg room also. But one should be aware of the fact that all bulk heads are not created equal. In many planes the first bulk head row is often cramped and therefore is uncomfortable. Also keep in mind that you will not have any space under the seat to stow some personal items.

Many passengers are very particular about safety aspects while traveling in planes and so they keep on searching to find out the safest seats in the event of an accident. Unfortunately there is no such seat which can be considered as the safest in an air plane.  In the year 2015 TIME magazine conducted a study based on the data for the last 35 years of flight and found that the safest place to sit while traveling in a plane is in its front portions within the five rows of the emergency exit.

Some important ways to get better seats

Join a flier program: If you are already a member of a flier program, giving your flier number can help you in getting a good seat.  If seat number is not assigned already, you can show the card at the time of check-in.

Buy your tickets at an early date: As the date of travel nears, the availability of seats for per-assignments dwindles. If you can buy tickets a few weeks earlier, check online and see whether you can select your seat for journey.  If not possible, arrive at the airport early.

Purchase a good seat: There are some airlines that give economy seats with good leg space if you pay an additional fee for this purpose. There are some airliners who charge about $500 as extra fee for providing extra seat pitch for one year.

Select the seat when you book: Most airline sites and travel agents allow one to choose the seat at the time of seat booking itself. In some cases, the seat selection is done after completing the booking process and they do not charge anything extra for seat selection.  If you are not getting a suitable seat, you can call the airline and see whether better seats are available and whether it will cost you extra or not.

Confirm at the time of check-in: Airline passengers are allowed to check in 24 hour earlier by most airliners. So at time of check-in one can confirm whether he has got the seat already allotted for his air travel.  He can also ask for a changed seat, if he is not happy about the present seat.

Good Job Search Tips For Getting The Best Job At The Earliest

Job searching has become a really hard task, in this ever-changing world where everything is decided fast after the computer has become the deciding factor in many companies end establishments.  Knowing the correct tips regarding how to apply for jobs and how participate in the interview can help you very much in becoming successful in your endeavour for a new job.  An organized effort will make the entire process smooth and it will become easy for you to reap success without much difficult y or strain. In this article i am going to give some very important tips which can help one to get a job at the earliest through online applications.

Make an office

If you already have a home office, it is good.  Otherwise you should create one immediately. You should find a functional work space in your house and set it apart for this purpose. Arrange equipment like computer, printer, phone, pen, paper etc which are needed in an office.  Make the space free from clutter, newspapers, magazines etc and keep it neat and tidy. In the newly created office you should create an atmosphere conducive to job searching. Distractions like facebook, TV, twitter etc has to be avoided.

Identify your goal

The major task in the initial stage of job search is to find out the type of job that you are looking for and that will be suitable for you. A more specific goal will help you to stay focused and work more effectively.     The important points to be considered include the type of job you want, the industry you like to work in, the skills and qualifications possessed by you, the existing commitments you have to meet etc. Fixing the end goal will help you to be focused on specific job search and related activities.

Plan the actions needed to achieve the goal

As your goal is fixed, now is the time to decide the individual actions needed to achieve the goal. Writing your resume, writing the cover letter, identifying the companies that are suitable for you, getting leads from your contacts to the short listed companies, contacting new recruiters every week etc are some of the common tasks you need to perform at this juncture.

Make a daily routine

Create a daily routine   and stick it to everyday is very important. This will help you to stay focused. Start your search early in the morning like the days when you were doing work.    Dedicate your time to some serious activities like going to emails, checking for new job vacancies, keeping your contacts active, starting to contacting recruiters etc. At the end of the day examine what you have done and what you have achieved and keep a record of it.


There are more things to do from applying for jobs to speaking to your recruitment managers. So priorities them to remain efficient. Spend more time speaking to the managers of the companies where you wish to get a job.

Track leads

It is quiet natural that you would have applied for large number of jobs. Now you may need a tool to monitor the various stages of important applications that you have sent. It will be better to keep a log of activities you have done and the results of these activities. The progress of your activities can be tracked by making use of an excel spread sheet containing details like name of the company, email address, role applied for, telephone number, date sent, link to role, notes, follow up actions, interview date etc.

Systemise the process

Systemising the search and application for job can reduce the effort and give better results. You can reuse templates and your application can be tailored to suit specific roles. Cover letters can be similar. You will need to make changes in the job description, and similar matters. Always check and make sure that this has not created any flaw in your resumes.

Canned answers

You might have noticed that similar questions pop up in every interview like what are your weaknesses, why do you want this job etc. With practice and training you will become capable of giving polished and impressive answers.

Rinse and repeat

You should make it a routine and follow every step scrupulously every time. As this is a linear process you can monitor it well. When you achieve temporary success, your morale will be boosted up and this will encourage you to work hard till your job search becomes completely successful.

Pros And Cons Of Same Sex Marriage Explained

Same sex marriage often referred as gay marriage is the marriage between two persons who belong to the same sex which takes place in a religious or civil ceremony. The expression marriage equality denote the equality status which has been granted to marriages whether it is between persons of opposite sex or of the same sex.

As of now many countries have recognized same sex marriage and given equal status as that of a marriage between persons belonging to opposite sexes. US, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Colombo, Finland, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Iceland, Luxemburg, Mexico, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Uruguay, UK etc are some of the countries where same sex marriage has been made legal.

Same-sex marriage has been a hot topic for the modern world especially in countries like United States.   Before same sex marriage became legally valid, there had taken place serious discussions and debates in this regard. In this article I am going to state some of the important arguments which were put forward by the supporters of same sex marriage and their opponents.

Arguments against same sex marriage

Traditionally marriage was considered as between man and woman and this was intended for the formation of family and procreation of children. It is an institution formulated for making peaceful and continued life possible on earth. Same sex marriage will undermine the age old institution of marriage and family.

Procreation is one of the most important functions of married life. Since no children can be born out of same sex marriage it should not be allowed.

Children brought up by same sex couples can have psychological problems as children should be brought up by father as well as mother.

Same sex marriage can weaken the fabric of the society and can lead to more unhealthy practices like incest, bestiality, polygamy etc.

Same-sex marriage promotes homo sexuality which is unnatural and immoral. It is not acceptable to any religions.

Supporting same sex marriage will not be acceptable to the tax payers as the government will be utilising their money for unethical purposes.

Legalising same sex marriage can lead to increase in homo sexuality and the children and teenagers will be the victims.

Civil unions as well as domestic partnerships include some of the rights pertaining to marriage. Marriage should not be expanded to include same-sex couples also.

Legalising same sex marriage can lead to fast assimilation of gay groups and individuals into the mainstream supported by heterosexual culture which can be detrimental to the human culture, civilization and society as a whole.

Arguments in favour of same sex marriage

Gay individuals have become a part of our society and allowing them to get married and giving them legal validity, will help speedy assimilation of them to the mainstream of human culture which is predominantly heterosexual.

Same-sex marriage will speed up the assimilation of gay individuals into the mainstream of the society formed heterosexual culture which will be a blessing to the homosexual community.

Whether same sex or different sex couples are couples and should enjoy all the benefits and rights irrespective of same sex or different sex. So there is no justification in treating them as second grade citizens.

Denying marriage based on their sexual orientation is discrimination and should be avoided at any cost.

Marriage is a social institution formed in the early days of human existence. It is intended for all people. As world changes the laws should also change and include the gay couples in their purview.

Marriage is internationally recognized as a human right intended for everyone.

The 14th amendment of US constitution will be violated if same sex marriage is not given legal validity.

Marriage has to be considered like a human right similar to right to freedom, right to employment, right to equal pay for women etc which are provided under the US constitution.

Heterosexual people who are not able to give birth to child are not prohibited from getting married. Similarly homosexuals also should not be denied marriage just because they are unable to procreate children.

Homosexuals are not having any difficulty or inconvenience in becoming good parents. Many religious leaders are not against same sex marriage.

Important Aspects Of Venture Capital Compared To Seed Finance And Crowd Funding

Start up companies often need capital for growing up into well formed companies. There are some wealthy investors who wish to lend money for such start up businesses with long-term development perspective. Such capital is known as venture capital and the investors are known as venture capitalists.

Investing in start up companies is risky as they are not easily liquefiable. Repayment of the venture capitals money will be dependent on the success of the company. They will give impressive returns if they are invested in the right company.  Venture capitalists can influence major decisions of the company where their money is at stake.

Venture capital versus loans

Both venture capital and loans are common methods used for funding businesses. But, there are some substantial differences between them. In loans the financial institutions or banks provide certain amount for the company for its operation under a mutual agreement. According to the agreement the company is bound to repay the entire amount known as the principal with certain additional amount known as interest calculated as percentage of the principal. A period will be defined within which the principal amount with the amount accrued as interest has to be repaid by the company. Some types of loans are backed by collaterals like building, inventory, or other valuables of the borrowing company. But in the case of venture capital the scenario is entirely different. In this case the startup company gives private shares to the venture capitalist in exchange of the money received.

Venture capitalist after funding the start-up company acquires partial ownership of the company.  Venture capitals are often given to companies which are expected to possess high growth potential. But the risk is higher as the amount invested will be much higher and there will not be any collateral or other securities like in an ordinary business loan form a bank. In the event of the failure of the company there will be no scope for the venture capitalist to recoup the amount already invested.

Venture capital versus seed financing

Timing of the investment in a company’s life cycle is the prime difference one can see in seed financing and venture capital.  Other differences are related to the deal structure and the monetary size. Venture capital usually does not relate to the very early stage of formation of a new company.  In the early day of the formation of a company the initial fund raising often known as “Pre A” or “Series AA” rounds are often managed by the friends or the family members along with angel investors and financing firms relating to seed stage funding. Venture capitalists get involved with companies that are more mature and having higher valuations that require higher funding for implementing their business plan. The amount of angel of seed funding can vary from a couple of hundred dollars and can go as high as one million dollars or the like. On the other hand venture capitalists invest millions and hundreds of millions of dollars in growth oriented companies.

Deal structure of venture capitalists is different from the deal structure of angel investors. The deals that are signed between the company and the angel investor is simple and is intended to reduce the legal costs and accelerate the pace of implementing the investment. They often include SAFEs and convertible notes.  In this processes the transfer of equity to the investor takes place only at a later date. In some cases it does not take place at all.

Venture capital versus crowd funding

Crowd funding is often raised from a group of people collecting very small amount from each of them so that it becomes big enough to be used as the capital needed for the companies which are expected to grow and become industry giants.  Large numbers of people are attracted into crowd funding process via internet. According to statistics in the year 2015, 34 billion
US dollars were raised using this method.

The major difference in the terms of operation between crowd funding and venture capital is no transfer of equity takes place in crowd funding whereas it is unavoidable in venture capital.

Hardwood Shutters VS Composite Shutters – Which Suits Your Needs?

Windows are your home’s eyes. Just like how important it is to choose the appropriate style of your windows, it is also essential to consider how you’ll dress all your windows. Fortunately, there are different window shutters you can choose from in today’s market.

Shutters are a great way to add value and beauty to your home. They’re great for controlling privacy, ventilation, and light. They offer privacy and make your windows more attractive. Draperies and some soft window treatments may also be added for softening the look of shutters if needed. These add more luxurious and much richer touch.

Good looking and high quality made window shutters become the newest architectural trend to any home, which add more resale value. While the usual cost of the shutters is greater than the blinds and some kinds of hard treatments, the shutters are more timeless, durable, and better value for any home. Even if shutters were commonly used for exteriors to cool down a home during warmer climates, there are now shutters made for indoors and high in demand nowadays.

More often than not, the shutters are manufactured with various kinds of materials and the common being sold is composite wood and hardwood. But, which is better for your needs?

Hardwood Shutters

Hardwood shutters are light in weight, which make them work well. They are usually around half the weight of the composite counterparts. Some of the good things about hardwood shutters are:

  • Available in different shapes and sizes.
  • Have solid fee and offers twist-free operation when closing and opening.
  • They are long lasting and in numerous applications, hardwood shutters will provide great service for years.
  • Available in a variety of finish. From black to white and everywhere in between.

Composite Shutters

These types of window shutters are produced much quicker than the wood shutters. Composite shutters may be made within 2-3 weeks in majority of applications. These are impervious to water, which make them an ideal choice for bath and shower surrounds as well as windows without glass.

Composite shutters are different than hardwood shutters in many ways. They are heavy and not as stiff as the hardwood shutters. Oftentimes, materials like aluminum and wood are added inside of its parts to help support and stiffen the composite shutters. Although they are not as ideal as other shutters in the market, these are available at affordable prices.

Plantation Shutters Prices – It Is Worth Your Investment?

In comparison to several window treatments available, it is true that the plantation shutters will require you to have a budget. However, once you consider the countless advantages that only these window shutters can offer, your investment will definitely worth it.

Energy Efficiency

Only the plantation shutters provide energy-efficiency and topnotch insulation. Polywood plantation shutters may block up to half of the heat transfer from the windows where some window treatments cannot even come near that insulation level. This only means that you will be able to save money on your AC and home heating bills throughout the year.

Home Value

Homeowners do their research and they are aware of the perks of the plantation shutters. That is the reason why like sparkling new appliances and natural tile floors, the plantation shutters can increase the resale value of your home.


Do you know the typical lifespan of a set of shades or blinds? Well, maybe a few years more if you are lucky enough. Every time you replace the cheapest window treatment, you spend more money and time to shop for another set of blinds. However, if you consider installing plantation shutters on the windows, you know that you are putting a window treatment that would last for a lifetime and manufacturers of these shutters guarantee it.


More than some other reasons, plantation shutters were chosen for the reason that they look better compared to other window treatments. There are no window treatments that could offer the same distinct look and timeless aesthetic and simple elegance of the plantation shutters.

If you want to add such benefits to your home, a reliable plantation shutter provider can be of great help. Their trained professionals will visit your home and would explain all other options and provide you a precise estimate for the job. But, always be wary of the flat quotes from some shutter companies because they usually offer lower than the realistic price just to entice you and would just take your unique needs for granted. If you don’t want this to happen, you should consider shopping around first as this can make a huge difference in saving more from the best plantation shutters prices.

Although plantation shutters are known to be a bit expensive, you will still find some that are cheap and will give you the chance to enjoy savings.

Procedure of A DUI/DWI Case

The procedure of a DUI/DWI case can be very complicated and complex to handle but a DUI/DWI lawyer can surely help you get through it. There are several steps and stages that are involved in a DUI/DWI case and a drug charges lawyer will surely help you defend your case in an expert way.

Stages of DUI/DWI Case

The following is a general overview of the procedure that is involved in any DUI/DWI case. It is nonetheless important to remember that the stages or basic steps may vary from one case to another and only your drug charges lawyer will be able to guide you best through it.

Step 1 – Issuance of Arrest Warrant

The first stage or step of a DUI/DWI case is the issuance of an arrest warrant. The police will bring the arrest warrant to you and you will be notified about the arrest that is likely to happen in a few days’ time. The issuance of the arrest warrant is more like a preparatory time that you get from the police.

Step 2 – Booking for Custody

The second step is after a few days of the issuance of the arrest warrant. You will be booked for custody by the police and will have to spend at least an overnight in jail. The police during this time will official file the case against you with all basic personal information about you including your name, age, marital status, nationality, address and other contact information.

Step 3 – Appeal and Grant for Bail

After spending just one night in the jail, you can plea for bail. The application be submitted through your lawyer and the court will grant bail within a few hours of application submission.

Step 4 – Charge in Courtroom

Charge in the courtroom is also known as arraignment in the court. This is the first time you have to be present in the court alongside your drug charges lawyer. This is the time when you will be told by the jury members and judge about all the charges that are set against you. This is usually the time when it finally sinks in that you are caught up in serious mess.

Step 5 – Bargaining

This is the last unofficial meeting you can have outside the court. Both parties get a chance to sit down and try to resolve their problems outside court for the last time.

Step 6 – Trial Sessions 

The number of trial sessions vary from case to case. This is when both parties along with their lawyers present in the court on dates given by the judge.

Step 7 – Final Sentence

The final trial session in court is when you will present alongside the DUI/DWI lawyer in the court to hear the final verdict of the court against you. This is the daunting moment when you can either be named guilty or non-guilty. In case you are proven guilty and you do not agree with the decision your lawyer can challenge the decision in court whilst you will have to stay in jail.

Fashionable Sunglasses: Guide On How To Buy Prescription Sunglasses

If you have an eye problem and you would like to fix it and at the same time look great you should go for prescription sunglasses. The good thing with the units is that you can wear them when hiking, working outdoors, or even when driving.

Guide to buying prescription sunglasses

When you are buying fashionable sunglasses there are many factors you should consider for you to buy the right ones. Experts recommend that you buy polarized sunglasses in order to protect your eyes from the glare resulting from reflected surfaces. This feature comes in handy when you are looking for units to protect your eyes when you are skiing, driving, playing golf, or engaging in any other outdoor activity.

You should also ensure that the units you are buying have an anti-reflective coating. This is a coating that provides you with extra reflection from the sun. The frame used in making the sunglasses is of vital importance. As rule of thumb, it should be made from high-quality material. It also should match your face.

You should also consider the activities that you engage in. If you are in the business world, you should stick with frames that come with conservative colors and shapes. When it comes to shapes, go for conservative shapes such as almonds, rectangles, and ovals. For colors, go for silver, brown, black, or gunmetal frames.

For creative professionals, you should wear geometric designs that come in plastic or metallic frames. You can try out interesting colors such as purple, green, blue, retro or any other of your favorite colors. As a student, you should go for eye-catching shapes and colors. You can go for unusual shapes, frames of large sizes, and color animations.

The size of the sunglasses is also of great importance. To be comfortable, the sunglasses should fit you perfectly. When buying the units, pay attention to the eye, temple and bridge size of the sunglasses. You should note that while the units should be fitting, they should be a little bit broader in order to provide you with optimum sun protection.


These are some of the factors you should consider when you are buying Oakley sunglasses or any other type of prescription sunglasses. When buying the units ensure they are of high quality. You can do this by buying them from a reputable sunglasses store. The units should also be made from high-quality materials.

Sunglasses are one of the best ways to protect your eyes from harmful sun rays and at the same time look trendy. There are many types of these units you can go for. The most popular are designer sunglasses that provide you with optimum protection and also have a high-end look.

Categories of designer sunglasses

All sunglasses are grouped into different categories. These categories include:

Category 0: They allow 80-100% of brightness to pass through. They are usually clear or slightly tinted. According to the manufacturers, they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use especially during cloudy weather.

Category 1: These ones allow 43-80% of brightness to pass through them.  They are slightly tinted and ideal for use in the city during the cloudy days.

Category 2: Category 2 sunglasses pass 18-43% of brightness. They are moderately tinted and have an average light perception. They are ideal for use during summer.

Category 3: They allow 8-18% of brightness to pass through. They feature dark lenses thus ideal for use in strong sunlight. These fashionable sunglasses are ideal for use in southern climates, beaches, mountains, and water reflections.

Category 4: They pass 3-18% of light. They are very dark and provide excellent solar luminosity. They are ideal for use in high mountains and glaciers. You are discouraged from wearing them when driving.

Factors to consider at the sunglasses store

When buying Ran ban sunglasses or any other units you need to consider a number of factors for you to buy the right ones. One of the factors to consider is the material used in making the frames. You should go for units made from flexible material. Avoid nylon frames as they can easily break on slight bending. You should go for frames made from porous material.

Also, consider the weight of the frames. While the frames might be trendy, they won’t feel good on you if they are heavy and you have to return them in place every now and then. Go for units that you can wear comfortably the entire day.

The sunglasses lens is of great importance as it determines how the sunglasses look. As rule of thumb, go with a lens color that complements your look. The lens should also be made from a high-quality optical material that is lightweight and scratch resistant.

For you to enjoy wearing the Prada sunglasses or any other sunglasses, you should ensure that they are comfortable. When trying them on, ensure that there is no pressure behind your ears. Also, ensure that the units don’t slip off your nose.

Professional Home Painters: Common Paint Problems You Should Be Aware Of

According to professional painters, one of the best ways of improving the look of your house is to paint it. While this is the case, the most unfortunate thing is that the paint develops problems that give your home an ugly look. To guide you through, here are some of the most common paint problems and how to fix them:

Blistering paint

Blistering paint is characterized by small to medium sized blisters and bubbles under the paint film. The blisters are common on the trim and wood siding. The condition is as a result of many factors such as painting in direct sunlight on a hot surface. When you do this, you trap solvent vapor as the paint dries up quickly. The problem will also come up when the wood is damp thus causing the trapped moisture to expand the paint film.

To fix this problem, you need to scrape away the blistered paint and sand the bare wood. You should then check and repair any missing or loose caulking around the doors and windows.


According to exterior house painting professionals, the efflorescence problem is characterized by crusty white salt deposits that bubble through the paint film from your house. The salts in the concrete get dissolved with the water and then leach to the wall surface as the water evaporates.

The problem comes about due to many reasons such as poor paint preparation by the painting contractor. The problem will also occur if there is heavy moisture migrating through the masonry walls from the inside of the house. To fix this issue you need to remove all the loose flaking, efflorescence, and chalking paint using a wire brush then clean the area with trisodium phosphate. Once the area is clean, apply a new layer of high-quality latex house paint.


Dripping or drooping paint characterize this problem. The problem comes about due to the application of a paint coat that is too bulky or overloaded. The issue will also come about due to application of too thin paint or when the painting technician applies the paint too roughly.

You should fix this problem by redistributing the excessive paint if it’s not yet dry. If it has already dried, sand the rough area and then lightly reapply the paint. To avoid the problem from coming about, ask your local painting contractors to use two light coats instead of one thick coat.

When you are painting your house, you shouldn’t paint the other areas and ignore the bathroom—you should also paint it. To help you out, here are bathroom painting tips recommended by professional painters that you should follow:

Choose the right color

This is important. The color you choose depends on the look you want to create and preferences. If you want to impress the guests when they get into the bathroom, go with attractive colors and paintings. If on the other hand you are a simple person and want just a simple look, go for simple color. There are plenty of colors you can choose from. If you aren’t sure of the right one to choose, ask painting contractors to help you out.

When painting, use both the brush and roller. Use the brush around the edges where the ceiling meets the walls. When it comes to the rest of the bathroom, use rollers. Just like when painting the rest of the house, apply the first coat and then wait for the paint to dry after which you should apply the second coat. You can use the primer or not—it depends on what you are looking to achieve. If interested in brightening up the room with a light, softer color, apply a primer.

Choose the right finish

When it comes to the finish, the right one to go with is the semi-gloss finish. This will come in handy in protecting the walls from the constant moisture. You should note that the finishes are of different varieties. Work with your contractor to choose the one that is ideal for your application.

Protect the floor and woodwork

You are looking to improve the appearance of the bathroom thus you should protect the areas that you don’t want to be damaged by the paint. When it comes to the floors, cover them completely using drop cloths. You should lay the clothes as close to the baseboards as much as possible.  You should avoid using plastic as the paint won’t be absorbed.

When it comes to protecting the woodwork, tape along the top edges using high-quality tape with at least 2” width. You also should tape any door and window frames that you aren’t planning on painting.


These are the tips to consider when painting the bathroom. In addition to choosing the right colors, work with the right people. For peace of mind, have the bathroom painted by experienced local painting contractors

How To Become A Great Basketball Player?

Basketball is the most loved sport. This sport has gained a lot of popularity in every part of the world. Want to know what made basketball so famous? Well, the reason behind the sprawling popularity of basketball is the talent, passion and determination of great basketball players.

Great basketball players

It is possible to become a good basketball player but it requires a lot to be a great basketball player. You cannot become a great player by merely taking basketball training from the best basketball coach or by pursuing basketball practice for hours. These things help though.

Qualities that make a basketball player great

Sportsmanship: Have you heard about manners and courtesy? If yes, then apply those practices in your game. Struggle till last minute and put your best efforts to win the game. No matter you win or lose the game. Play hard and be fair. Win like a champion and lose like a champion.
Teamwork: Basketball is a team sport that’s why you will have to put “We OVER Me“. One man cannot win the game. Dedicate yourself for better team performance.

Confidence: In basketball, confidence is more important than skill. If you play with confidence, you can win against bigger and stronger teams. On the other hand, if you lose confidence, your skills will become barren for you.

Mental toughness: Just like physical toughness, your mental toughness is equally important to win the game. If you are mentally strong, you can put yourself beyond the threshold limit of your body. Of course, results will be great.

Positive Attitude: It doesn’t matter you won or lost the last game. Keep your moral high and play the new game with high spirit. It’s a new day and new game; you can perform better with positive attitude.

Passion: One characteristic that makes a player great is PASSION. Whether it requires waking up early, rigors training or strict diet, your passion can help you to bear everything.

Respect: Great basketball players respect basketball, teammates, coaches and opponents as well.
So, these are the qualities which can make you a great basketball player. Well, if you join basketball camp or start playing basketball at early age, you can automatically develop these qualities.

Basketball Beginner Ball Handling tips

The ball handling in the game of basketball should not be overlooked. Whether you are a professional player, play for college or even a beginner, ball handling is and will always be the most important part of basketball training.

Beginner ball handling and shooting

If you are a beginner, and want to be a successful basketball player, then it is very important for you to expertise in basketball handling and shooting. Anytime you get with the ball, just practice. Make yourself comfortable with the basketball (as comfortable you were with the Nintendo buttons in your childhood). Without any basketball coaching you cannot master all the skills. You can take help from professional basketball coach as well as apply the below mentioned drills in your game to handle the basketball in a better way.

Important must do Ball Handling drills

Most effective basketball drills that will make beginners comfortable with the ball:
#1: Ball tipping: Tip the basketball back and forth from one hand to another, keeping your hands straight above your head. Then go down to your chest, thighs, keens and legs and then start all over again. While doing the tipping make sure that the ball only touches your fingertips not the palms of your hand.
#2: Catch-catch: This is one of the hardest basketball skills to master, but once if you learn this skill properly. You can easily handle the ball even during the toughest time of the game. To practice this drill, hold the ball between the legs and keep your hand on either side of your legs. Catch the ball and immediately change the position of your hands. Do this drill as fast as possible.
#3: The finger tip control: For beginner basketball player, it is hard to have control on the ball while dribbling. Never forget that the key to successful dribbling is, touching the ball with fingertips ONLY. To control the ball with finger tip, dribble the ball with just one finger at a time (during the practice session only).

So, these are effective basketball handling drills that can help beginners to a great extend. However, you should consider joining a basketball camp to learn playing basketball in a better way.