Addition of a swimming pool in your backyard is a hefty investment of time and money, but it is worth it. For a perfect pool, a professional pool builder must be consulted.

Following mistakes should be avoided to save time and money and also not to face any problems with the project later on.

Short-Term Savings

It’s very common to install an oversized, single primary filter pump rather than installing assigned pumps for every different purpose. This is usually done to save money. These pumps consume a lot of electricity, although the features are used for small hours on an average. Multiple pumps will initially cost more, but in the long run, all this money will be piled up. The heavy pumps also affect the heaters, salt chlorinator, plumbing and other pool systems.

Return On Investment

It’s a common practice that the contractor bids inexpensive material to show the low cost of the project and short-term savings when he/she should explain the benefits of investing in first-rate materials and equipment. This can result in longer lives in terms of service, less expense for maintenance and a relief for both the client and masonry contractor.

Color-Coordinated Fittings

It’s good if the fittings in your swimming pool work well with your selected pool’s interior color. It’s not very hard to find matching fittings in the market. Some contractors, just falling prey to laziness, use multiple colors for channel drains, main drains, skimmers etc. This is so not aesthetically pleasing.

Don’t Forget To Add Overflow Lines And Auto-Fills

It’s really hard for homeowners, because of their busy schedule, to check the water level. The low water level can cause a badly-timed shutting down of pool circulation system or even damage the pump.

Similarly, too much water can cause problems as well. There is a chance of flooding of the skimmer during a spring or winter storm. With the skimmer not working, debris will sink to the bottom of the pool. This can cause expensive service calls. It’s always wise to think ahead and invest in overflow lines and auto-fill systems.

Not Installing A Line For Pressure-Side Cleaner

It’s not necessary that the client needs a pool pressure side cleaner right away. The contractor should insist on installing it. After winter storms and the pool being closed for a good 3 to 4 months, a pressure side cleaner can come in handy to clean up the debris. This can free the technician to do other work while the pump is working and can save time as well as money.

A Dedicated Vacuum Line For Detached Spa

If the spa is more than 30 feet away and not attached to the pool, a dedicated vacuum line is a must. This pump collects sand and silt from the spa bottom and keeps in a convenient and ready to use condition.

Don’t Skip Automated Controls On A Spa/Pool Combination

This is one of the false economies. It is unwise to not install an automation system on spa and pool combination. This system will enable the homeowner to switch on the heater, check the temperature and turn on the valves, all from inside the comfort of home. This automation has now become affordable, so not installing it makes no sense at all.

No Adequate Deck Drainage

Not any size of the deck can be drained into the lawn or planters. This will cause the water to seep back and percolate into the rock and sand around the pool. This can cause corrosion to the reinforcement steel of the pool and also can cause cracking of the pool. The run-off can undermine the slope, on sloping lots, and can even send the pool down the incline. It’s better to collect the deck’s water and discharge it to an appropriate place away from the swimming pool and its terrace.

Installing Single Light In The Deep End Of The Pool

This might be the silliest thing one can do. It’s better to install multiple small-sized lights at even distance on the pool’s walls. These lights should face away from the house and evenly lit the pool. By placing the lights correctly, you are not directly looking into some truck’s headlamp and also those who enjoy the lights will not blind evening swim.

Lowest Bidder

Collecting more than one quote for pool building project and then deciding for the lowest bidder is somewhat comforting for many clients. But this must be very clear that the best project is not possible for the lowest bid. You get what you pay for. So decide wisely and remember that short term investment is not feasible for the long run.

Now, when your pool project is complete with help of a skilled pool contractor and you have avoided all the mistakes that we mentioned above, enjoy your summers to their fullest and arrange as many parties as you may wish. Lagras