Container sidelifter crane is a semi-trailer kind of vehicle which can be used to hoist and transport containers of a standard size over long distances. The main purpose of this crane is the transport of containers and heavy machinery moving.

This vehicle has cranes attached to its chassis. You can also attach these lifting components on a sub frame that is usually mounted on a truck.

Here are some things you should know about sidelifter cranes.

Different Types Of Sidelifters

Usually the standard sidelifters have a stabilizer leg and lifting jibs. Some models also have a dual side loader supplied together with a dagger leg or stabilizers.

These cranes can also be classified based on the type of their chassis. The Lattice design is actually the standard design for these cranes, and is very quiet in nature. This is a standard design that is usually preferred. This design is known for its low weight and high lifting capacity and greater strength.

On the other hand, the I-Beam Chassis is produced to satisfy customers with another type of chassis benchmark. Customers can also avail type of chassis as per their needs.

Design Features Of Container Sidelifters

Container sidelifters have lots of different features. For example; they have lifting cranes which are also known as crane modules. These cranes use the hydraulic technology to lift up containers from the ground, from other vehicles, a loading dock, a railway wagon, or from another container placed on the ground by another platform. You can lift the containers both on and off the chassis. Cranes are mounted on the top part of the sidelifter chassis. These cranes can also move with the chassis by the use of hydraulic motors. The system can be adjusted to lift up different container and cargo lengths.

A driving power unit powers the cranes which allow you to work with the lifter and do other things as well. The power comes from a gasoline or diesel engine mounted on top of the trailer. However, you can also use a PTO to power the cranes from the truck or tractor.

There are also hydraulic stabilizing legs which help keep the vehicle standing in position when fully loaded heavy containers are being picked up by the crane. They are called stabilizing legs because they prevent the crane from tilting. These legs provide a greater amount of stability when the vehicle operates in uneven areas. This helps in increasing the weight limits when you’re stacking the containers on top of each other. For safe operations, you can ask for safety checklist from crane rentals.

Design Considerations

The trailer used on a container sidelifter is designed specifically for productivity gains. Other design considerations are also made after carefully considering faster, safer, and more flexible container handling.

The specific design of container sidelifters in decreasing the overall transportation costs associated with a project. You’ll also have a competitive edge over others when you use this type of vehicle to transport the containers over long distances. Through container sidelifters, you’ll also be able to increase your overall container lifting and transporting capacity while increasing the safety standards.

The innovative design of container sidelifter allows you to work efficiently, save precious time and increase productivity. Lots of design considerations enable stability, control, more working space, and more payload carrying capacity in container transfer.

Perks Of Using Container Sidelifters

Because of the unique design considerations made in the production and assembly of container sidelifters, there are lots of benefits of using container sidelifters in your projects.

You can make multiple container transfers within a single day. The containers can be put on the ground within minutes. This means increased efficiency and productivity in many tasks.

Lifting operations become easy by using these sidelifters, and there isn’t much equipment and operators needed in the work. All you need is a driver to lift and place both 20 and 40 feet long containers using the same equipment. This enables cost effective operations.

The construction of the sidelifter is really tough, and this makes the sidelifter a reliable piece of equipment with very small maintenance needed.

These were some facts about side lifters and the benefits of using them in your projects. You can look for crane for rent DC companies for renting a sidelifter.