Getting a negative Google review is not something any brand will wish to have. However, when it is there, you will have to delete or fix the review so that it cannot hurt your reputation and affect the customer base which you have garnered through your review management system and other tools. There are some easy steps to do so.

Deleting Or Fixing A Negative Review?

Whenever you get a negative review, you may not be well with it. There is a certain desire to remove such reviews or fix them. However, it is important to know what option you have and what more options you can use in this regard.

Basically, it is not possible to delete a Google review on your own. There is no such option or tool that allows this action. However, you can report the negative reviews to Google which checks the reviews and lets you know what action will be taken. In most cases, Google deletes them but you have to wait for it.

Another thing you can do in this respect is to fix the negative Review. Again, you cannot do it yourself. Rather, you will have to get in touch with the customers and request them to edit their reviews, rewrite or delete them. It is up to the user what option they choose.

Respond To The Review

Starting with, you should respond to every negative Google review. The review response must be brief, calculated and professional. It should not hit the customers or users. Instead, you should keep calm and hold your nerves. Treat the customer with respect and try to resolve the issue there.

Reach Out To The Customer

After you have responded to the review, the next step can be to reach out to the customer. It is required when the customer is not responding to your reply or you believe the customer will not return to see what your reply is. In such cases, it is better to reach the customers through their profiles and try to fix the issue.

Ask Them To Edit Or Delete It

As you approach the customer, you must ask them to do you a favor. It must be editing or deleting the review. For many online businesses, Google reviews are very crucial and it can break their business. A negative can be too dangerous. Therefore, you should urge the customer to edit the review and make it look appropriate. In some cases, you can convince the customers to delete it. Whatever they do is fine and can solve the issue.

Offer An Apology

Going further, you must offer an apology to the customer for a bad Google review. A simple apology in reply to that Google review goes a long way in fixing broken things. Customers understand and they are cooperative. So they will pay heed to what you are telling them and how a single negative review is hurting your reputation. It is hoped, the customers will accept the apology and fix the negative review.

Try To Fix The Problem

In extreme cases when the customers are not ready to accept the apology, you should go further. In this regard, you can try to fix the issue. For example, offer a refund, resolve the issue, provide them with a new product or service and make them happy. Whatever the case is, you should make the user feel they have not wasted their money. Sending them a new product will surely help in this respect.

Flag Or Dispute It

Lastly, you can use the legal or proper ways to deal with the negative Google reviews. You can flag the bad reviews which Google receives. The company reviews your request for flagging a review as inappropriate. You will be informed about when the review will be deleted.

Why Is It So Important?

It is also pertinent to understand why a bad Google review is too serious a case for your business. Getting Google reviews is a Herculean task. And if there is a single bad review, it is going to hurt your business to a large extent. Therefore, you will have to fix it or delete the review. If it remains there, your reputation will fade away which will benefit your competitors in the long run. Moreover, use a review generation software to keep managing your business’ online reviews.