Commercial steamer ovens are heavy-duty kitchen appliances that help elevate your cooking game. Although, these are normally used for commercial purposes but can be used right in the comfort of your home as well. However, like other electrical appliances, commercial steamer ovens are not immune to occasional glitches and complications. Below are the most common commercial steamer oven problems combined with troubleshooting tips to help you get things running back to normal again. If not, consult commercial appliances repair services.

Importance Of Becoming Familiar With Steamer Oven Troubleshooting

If you own a commercial steamer oven, it most likely means that you are either running a commercial business or simply love to cook and prepare delicious meals. Plus, if you solely rely on your commercial steamer oven for most of your recipes, you will need it to be running perfectly fine whenever you are in the kitchen doing your magic.

But, as mentioned earlier, commercial steamer ovens can also run into problems that need prompt response. This is why you need to be familiar with the importance of knowing troubleshooting tips. Perhaps the biggest reason is that your commercial steamer oven represents a substantial investment in your kitchen.

If something tends to go wrong, you should know how to fix it instead of waiting for the expert to show up and things to turn worse. Furthermore, commercial steamer ovens are designed to prepare delicious meals using accurate temperatures. If there are temperature fluctuations or inaccuracies, you will most probably end up with not only ruining the meal but also the customer.

In addition to that, commercial steamer ovens comprise several components. These components work as a team to produce delicious meals. If any component was to malfunction, it could lead to repairs that may be expensive. For this reason, you should know how to react if you observe unusual behavior or signs and symptoms.

Finally, if you are running a business, you need to be familiar with the basics of the commercial steamer oven as commercial kitchens can be extremely busy places. The last thing you would want is the oven to give up on a busy weekday with multiple customers waiting in line.

Troubleshooting Common Commercial Steam Oven Issues

Now that we have discussed the importance of knowing troubleshooting tips, let us now delve into how you can troubleshoot common commercial steam oven issues.

Uneven Cooking Or Heating

The most common problem faced by commercial steamer oven owners is uneven cooking or heating. This could take place due to several reasons. If your commercial steamer oven produces meals that are unevenly cooked or heated, it means there is a problem with heat distribution. The unit is not able to properly distribute heat amongst the meals.

The first thing you are going to do is make sure the food items are loaded correctly. It is quite often that users tend to overstack the ovens thinking they will be able to produce multiple meals at the same time. However, if you closely observe the inside of the steamer oven, you will notice it has racks and appropriate storage space to help distribute heat evenly.

If the meals are overstacked, the heat will not be able to reach all the meals and as a result, will produce unevenly cooked meals. Moreover, you should also check the temperature settings. It might be that someone has changed it based on their preference or the customer’s demands or for a specific food item.

Additionally, confirm the rack position to ensure the dish is placed correctly. You must rotate the racks when preparing multiple items to ensure even cooking, otherwise, the results won’t be up to the mark.

Takes Too Long To Heat Up

Commercial steamer ovens can sometimes take too long to heat up as well. This could result in reduced efficiency as the unit will run longer than usual, consuming more electricity but hardly yielding the expected results. It might be that your meals come out burnt or badly tasting.

In such a case, you will need to inspect the heating element. If the commercial steamer oven is used throughout the day, there might be a layer or layers of scale buildup on the heating element. If you find a blockage on the heating element, you will need to remove it.

Keep in mind that you should do it when the heating element is not burning hot. If you have recently used the oven, allow it to cool down, and then use a cloth and a buildup remover to clean the heating element.

Another reason can be a damaged door seal. The door seal keeps the door tightly closed keeping the heat from escaping outside. When it’s damaged, heat escapes and the oven takes longer to heat up. So, if the door seal happens to be damaged or the heating element is bad, you will need to call in an expert.

If it still does not solve the issue, you will need a commercial oven repair Northern VA expert to run a thorough inspection of the unit.

Error Codes And Display Issues

Modern commercial steamer ovens are equipped with features that help prepare meals faster and easier. But these features and specifications come with strings attached. For instance, commercial steamer ovens may display error codes if something is wrong.

This is a type of safety feature that prevents the unit from expensive damage or replacement. To understand the code, you will need to consult the user manual. On the other hand, commercial steamer ovens can also run into display issues since oily hands and other factors can take a toll due to constant usage.

In both cases, you must contact a professional who can look into the problem. Unless the error code is resolved, the steamer oven might not function. Plus, if the display has issues, you won’t be able to use the oven anyway. So, make sure it’s fixed as soon as possible.

Do Commercial Steamer Ovens Need Maintenance?

Commercial steamer ovens like other kitchen appliances surely need maintenance. This is the only way to prevent common issues from taking place down the road. Even though commercial steamer ovens are rigid appliances, the majority of the issues can be prevented by simply looking after them.

You should educate your team on how to properly use and maintain the steamer oven. At the end of a working day, you should make sure to clean it and remove any accumulated layers of oil, grease, and dirt. Moreover, you should also perform a personal inspection of the unit to ensure everything is intact.

Finally, you should schedule professional maintenance as well. This not only involves a thorough cleanup of the unit but also identifying potential problems and fixing them on the spot before they halt the business. For some, professional maintenance might just be an expense but considering its benefits, it is more like a long-term investment.


Make sure that you keep an eye on the performance and schedule expert maintenance based on the usage frequency. This goes a long way in terms of ensuring your business runs smoothly without any unexpected and expensive complications. However, when your oven or steamer break down and you need instant solution, call in a commercial steamer repair Alexandria professional.