PPF or Paint Protection Films are gaining popularity with each passing day and due to all the right reasons. Although, there are other detailing solutions available as well such as ceramic and glass coating, paint protection films are the ultimate solution. Today, customers can choose between matte and gloss PPF based on their personal preferences. However, sometimes the decision can be tricky. So, here is why you should go for matte or gloss PPF.

Paint Protection Films (PPFs)

Before we jump to matte and gloss paint protection films, you must be familiar with the science of paint protection films. Paint protection films have evolved. Back in the day, the films were only made to protect the vehicle against rock chips, scratches, etc.

A disadvantage of these films is that they would turn yellow or be too sensitive. This caused the customers to replace the films quite often. Today, you have films that neither turn yellow nor are sensitive in case the car gets hit by rock chips or other external factors.

Furthermore, paint protection films have become technologically advanced because there are self-healing paint protection films as well. Swirls and scratches tend to be the biggest enemy of vehicle owners. But, if you choose to install a self-healing paint protection film, it will heal itself upon contact with the UV rays.

PPFs are made of polymers that react to heat. Once you have installed a paint protection film, you do not have to worry about the paint or polishing the vehicle every time you wash it. Although these films are expensive but save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Additionally, paint protection films are available in matte and gloss finish as well. While the matte finish gives your vehicle a nonchalant look, making it stand out from the crowd, the gloss PPF gives your vehicle a very sleek look. One thing you need to keep in mind is that even though the finishes are different the films offer the same protective properties.

Is There A Price Difference?

Both matte and gloss paint protection films are expensive but, in most cases, the matte films tend to be relatively pricier than gloss paint protection films. Matte films are mostly installed on expensive vehicles to turn them into a unique piece, which requires a lot of time and labor hours, increasing the total costs.

Plus, matte films are installed on custom or modified vehicles mostly to improve their aesthetic appeal rather than protect the paint. However, gloss paint protection films are installed on the vintage of extremely expensive vehicles to keep them in brand-new condition.

Depending on the vehicle and the amount of work required, paint protection films can be very expensive. For instance, supercars have a lot of curves and edges due to their aerodynamic features. That said, the total cost of the film depends on the amount of time it takes for the employees to install the film.

Sometimes, the film has to be cut into many small pieces to cover the minor exterior parts. This is a complicated process and could take even days or weeks. And, after the installation, you have to wait for the film to be dried and cured. Professionals use a UV tool to help make the film bond quickly and properly to the vehicle. Otherwise, it might take days based on the weather conditions.

How Is A Paint Protection Film Installed?

Paint protection films regardless of being matte or gloss are installed in the same manner. The PPF installation process involved multiple stages. To begin with, the vehicle goes through a thorough wash and cleaning to ensure all the contaminants are cleared.

Then, the experts measure the dimensions of the vehicle and cut the films accordingly. The pieces are then laid on the vehicle and installed using a chemical and a squeegee. The expert removes the excess liquid using the squeegee and ensures there are no air bubbles.

Once the film has been installed, the vehicle is then shifted to the curing section, where curing tools help bond the film properly to the vehicle. During the curing phase, the vehicle cannot be driven or the windows or other features cannot be used. In simple words, there should be little to no physical contact with the vehicle.

Do PPF Films Need Maintenance?

Although paint protection films are engineered to protect and maintain the overall look of the vehicle these properties can eventually go away or weaken if the right tools or techniques are not used. Paint protection films add to the convenience by deterring dirt, water, and other things that make the vehicle look dirty.

However, that does not mean that the vehicle is ignored or inappropriate tools or chemicals are used. As mentioned earlier, paint protection films are covered by guarantee and warranty but not if the owner misuses them. To maintain the life and quality of the film, it is important to invest in the right tools and products.

Maintenance is key for most products installed on vehicles like PPFs and auto window tinting Springfield. So, never ignore maintenance.

Can I Install Matte Or Gloss PPF Myself?

The installation process for both matte and gloss PPF is the same. When it comes to installing a PPF on your own, you need to have the proper skills, tools, and products. Installing a paint protection film on your own is going to save you a lot of money but take a lot of time as well. The installation time will only increase if you do not possess any prior experience.

In addition to that, to install the paint protection film, you will need to park the vehicle in an enclosed space. The vehicle should not be exposed to dirt, air, or any other external factors.

This is because such external factors can result in bubbles and also decrease the life of the film. So, unless you are willing to spend the time and effort and possess the skills required, you should rather hand over your vehicle to the experts who can do it better.

How To Choose PPF Installer?

Choosing an installer can be as difficult as choosing the film type sometimes. Considering the number of options available out there, you need to go for someone who can not only install but also back their work with a guarantee. That said, you should personally visit detailing studios and go through their portfolio.

Get quotes from multiple auto shops and PPF installers and choose the one that offers warranty and guarantee. Plus, always choose someone who deals in authentic and high-quality PPF films. Beware of the scams and frauds out there who offer substandard films at the same rate as high-quality films. And, if possible, ask your friends or family members to refer to someone.


Choosing between matte or glass paint protection film depends on your needs and preferences. If you want to improve the aesthetics of your vehicle, you can go for a matte finish film. However, if your vehicle already has a unique color or is antique, you should go for the gloss look to ensure protection. And, remember to always choose a professional paint protection film installer Springfield for the job.