Car window tinting can protect your car from UV rays, keep the car cool in summer, and offer privacy. The cost of auto glass tinting installation varies because of different tint types and fees of installers, but you would want to know after the installation that your money isn’t wasted. Look for these things to spot a good car window tint job.

No Purpling

A car window tint installation done by using high-quality tints, glue, and other materials is clear and doesn’t give off a purple hue. But if you can notice a tab bit of purple color on your newly installed tints or after a few days, the installer didn’t use quality materials.

Before the installation, select the right type and quality of window tints to avoid this problem. Choose a tint shop that has tint films of recognized brands to prevent purpling of the window tints.

Clear Edges

To identify a good tint job, looking at the edges of the windows is a good idea. A good tint installer ensures that the edges are smooth and determining the tint film and window film separately at the edges is difficult. You won’t find gaps there and, therefore, the edges will look smooth and clear.

If you notice that there are gaps between the tint film and window film or the cuts are uneven, the installer didn’t put effort into the installation process and probably rushed the process.

No Bubbles In The Tint Film

Tints installed by expert workers don’t have bubbles in them. The tint will be clean and clear. Seeing bubbles in newly tinted windows means a bad tint installation or a low-quality tint film. Moreover, bubbles also form on auto window tints if the installer uses cheap adhesive.

Another reason for bubbles forming on tint films soon after installation is that the installer didn’t clean the windows properly before applying the tint films. Dirt and dust were left on windows and are now stuck inside the tints in the form of bubbles.

Not only that, if the tints are cleaned well, but not dried before the installation, bubbles appear in the tint film because the wet surface weakens the bond of the adhesive with the tint film forming bubbles.

Having said that, wet spots and water bubbles are considered fine in freshly tinted car windows. They clear up without any intervention in one to two weeks. But if they don’t clear up, it’s a sign of a bad tint job.

No Cutouts

Experienced installers don’t cut the tint film to leave space for government stickers and other things. The tints don’t have cutouts. Good installers use clear films whereas a bad installer will cut the tint film.

This improves the aesthetics and there are no ugly cutouts that affect the look of the car windows and the car in general.

Cutouts in the tint film have another problem that affects the lifespan of the tint film. In bad tint jobs, the installers cut the tint film without applying a clear tint film. This allows moisture to get into the tint film. As a result, bubbles form on the film or the film peels offer sooner than later.

Check The Dot Matrix

There are small 3D dots at the edges of car windows. They are above the level of the window and due to this, they are difficult to install a film on. Cheap or bad installers won’t take the time to completely sand the dots down. So, they try to stick the film on the dots.

As a result, the film sticks on some parts, and on other parts, the film ends before the dots begin looking like an ugly zig-zag pattern. To make matters worse, some installers try to fill the blank space with glue.

A good tint installer has the patience and expertise to cover all the dots without visible unevenness. The edges are smooth and uniform.


As you’re spending money on getting car windows tinted, you should make sure that the process was done perfectly. Try to avoid bad tint jobs by selecting a window tint shop Springfield carefully. Moreover, choose high-quality tint films that adhere to the window properly and don’t fade, form bubbles, or turn purplish over time.