Boom lifts play an important role in the completion of many construction projects. These machines are designed to lift and shift heavy loads or people on a daily basis. Therefore, given their structure and size, it is important for the team and crane rentals to follow safety protocols to prevent any serious incidents. Let’s take a look at some boom lift safety tips that will help keep everyone safe.

Keep A Clear Circumference And Base

While the boom lift is being used, the first thing you need to do is make sure that the base and entire circumference are clear. It should be kept in mind that boom lifts have a large circumference, which means that if a load were to fall down, it could seriously hurt the people on the ground and cause extensive damage.

At the same time, there is always a risk of boom lifts tipping over but that is quite rare. Regardless, you should ensure there is nothing in the way of the lift that could negatively impact the lifting process and lead to casualties.

Hire Trained Lift Operators

Even though boom lifts are equipped with all types of safety features, the safety and security of the people on the ground, as well as the surrounding, solely depends on the operators. Some states have stringent laws about contractors only hiring licensed operators to operate such machines.

Certified operators go through years of training to develop the necessary skills and experience to make the lifting and shifting process easy and secure. Therefore, when it comes to operating boom lifts, contractors should always interview and select an individual who possesses enough knowledge and skills to get the job perfectly.

Do Not Cross The Weight Limit

Every crane comes with a limit in terms of lifting loads. Majority of the crane accidents that take place around the world every year mostly consist of the cranes being overloaded. Even though it is a basic protocol, some contractors or operators tend to ignore it.

Lifting loads that are beyond a boom lift’s capacity may cause it to tip over. Plus, the boom will undergo extreme stress, which will increase the pace of wear and tear. That said, operators are required to follow the weight limit recommended by the manufacturer.

Plus, it should also be kept in mind that boom lifts should not be used for lifting heavy supplies.

Don’t Climb Or Sit On Outer Edges

It is often that workers tend to climb on the edge of the platform to reach something instead of using the boom lift to reach it. From the outside, one may underestimate the risks but there have been several incidents in the past where individuals have either died or suffered from permanent injuries.

Climbing or sitting on the outer edges of the platform is very risky and one could easily fall off. Therefore, if something is not accessible, you should communicate with the lift operator to help you get to a safe position where you can easily and safely reach what is needed.

Avoid Windy Conditions

Operating a boom lift is not just about hiring certified or licensed operators but also considering external factors such as heavy winds, extreme rainfall or snow, etc. On some days, the working conditions may be perfect, whereas, in other cases, you will need to halt the process for a while.

If the wind happens to be strong enough, it can easily knock a boom lift over completely. This means that operators should avoid using boom lifts and check the weather conditions each time before operating one to make sure the weather does not change for the worse.

Moreover, you should consult the user’s manual to see how much wind a boom lift can withstand. Similarly, extreme rainfall can influence the vision of the operators and turn construction sites into extremely dangerous places.

Due to the ground and equipment being covered with water, things could slip and fall. So, it is better to find a shelter and wait for the weather to calm down.

Final Word

Concluding, the above-mentioned boom safety tips are important when it comes to using boom lifts. There is no harm in following the safety protocols as they are only meant to protect you and your team. However, ignorance can and has led to serious consequences in the past. Make sure the crane services VA you hire also follow strict rules and regulations.