If your supply water is not clean, then whole house water filtration is a must for your home. You need clean and pure water for drinking and other uses. Here is what a water filter removes.

Dirt And Suspended Particles

One of the main things which are easily seen in dirty water and can be removed by any type of water filter is dirt, dust, and suspended particles. Dust and dirt are not soluble in water and they appear as suspended particles in the water. If the water is agitated, then the particles will rise up and make the water murky.

Dirt can easily be removed by a black carbon or charcoal filter. The carbon filter sucks out all the dirt and dust and you are left with clean water with no taste of the dirt or the carbon in it.


Chlorine is normally used as a disinfectant in the water and it helps to make the water easy to use, without purifying or boiling it. Too much chlorine, however, can be detrimental to one’s health. First of all, it leaves a specific pungent smell and taste in the water, which is very obvious. It can also cause a lot of stomach issues and immunity issues because it kills the potential of your body to fight against foreign diseases.

Rust And Iron

If your water has a tinge of red or green in it, it usually means that there is an abundant amount of iron or ferrous in it. This can also be removed by the water filter easily. Iron also leaves the water feeling tasting metallic and it is very unpleasant. Too much iron can lead to its deposition in the veins and arteries and it can cause severe circulation issues in the body.


There can be traces of mineral oil in the water coming from your taps as well. This is not safe at all to drink and this needs to be removed before you consume the water. Oil is insoluble in water and it appears as a separate layer on top of the water since it is lighter. This can be easily removed by using a water filter with small pores. This will leave the oil behind in the filter, whereas the water is free to flow out of it. The taste of oil also disappears after the water is run through the filter.


Arsenic is a harmful chemical that is found in the supply water. It can lead to a lot of issues in the body and it is not good to consume at all. Luckily, water filters are designed to take this harmful toxin out of the supply water, making it safe for drinking and other uses. Arsenic in water can cause skin diseases, cancer, and even heart issues, so it must be avoided at all costs. Arsenic is usually found near agricultural waste and industrial disposals and if there is water present near these things, it’s highly likely that arsenic can dissolve itself in the liquid.


Lead is a highly dangerous material and it is not safe at all, for consumption. Lead can also lead to a lot of problems in the body, cancer being the worst of them all. Water filters are now equipped with lead-removing agents, whether they are physical or chemical. It also leaves the water tasting good.

Bacteria And Microorganisms

Last but not least, water contains a lot of microorganisms and bacteria which are not the same for consumption. Bacteria like E. Coli, mycobacterium tuberculosis, and more are found in water that has not been purified.

Water filters like UV and carbon filters are great to remove and kill these bacteria in the water. This makes the water safe for drinking, without any pronounced taste. These filters also remove the rest of the impurities like dirt and other unwanted chemicals.


There you have it! It’s good to know what things a water filter can and can’t remove because then, you can choose a water filtration system Erie that will effectively remove all of the impurities present in your supply water. There are many types of water filters so consult an expert to know which one you need.