Based on the estimates provided by the Environmental protection agency (EPA) in the US, most families spend around $1900 on their electricity every year. And according to them, a major chunk of electricity usage is due to the cooling and heating of the house. With that, many people do not get heat pump repair in time which further reduces their energy efficiency.

The high heating costs that many of us experience despite having less heating needs is due to a low energy efficiency. Now, this could be due to many reasons. Sometimes, the equipment that we are using is faulty, which means that more energy gets consumed.

But sometimes, our lifestyle and environment is not optimized for the conservation of the energy. As a result of this, too much heat keeps flowing out of the house and hence, the heating devices continue to work without tripping.

Of course, the longer these devices have to work to maintain the temperature, the higher the electricity usage will be. And consequently, you will have to pay higher bills.

So, what can be done to reduce these extra energy costs and to improve energy efficiency? In this article, we discuss all of these things.

Energy efficiency in winters

Typically, it is harder to achieve a high energy efficiency in winter than it is in summer. This is because naturally, heating is a more energy intensive process because you are basically working against the temperature gradient.

Normally, heat naturally flows from hot to cold environment. So, when you are heating a house in winters, you are basically working against the temperature gradient and entrapping the heat inside the house. So, a lot of care needs to be taken to increase this efficiency.

Turn the heater down

If you are living in a colder area, make sure that your heater is capped at 68 degrees. Similarly, when you leave the house, just leave it at no more than 55 degrees. This way, you will be able to save up to 20 percent of the heating costs in your house.

At the same time, for every single degree drop that you maintain, you can save up to three percent on the electricity bill.

Reverse the ceiling fan

Many ceiling fans come with a reverse switch that allows them to turn clockwise during winters. This pushes the warmer air down, and keeps it flowing thoroughly in the room. As a result of this, the warm air simply does not pool up on top of the room and keeps circulating.

Due to this circulation, a more even heating is achieved, and hence, the heater has to work less hard to maintain the same temperature.

Light up the fireplace

If you have a fireplace and a chimney in your house, then consider using it more than electricity. However, before turning on the fireplace, make sure that there is proper ventilation. Furthermore, you also need to reduce the creosote buildup.

For that, we suggest you read out to fireplace builders or chimney contractors. These professionals will quickly inspect your chimney for safety in the start of every season.


With just a few simple steps, you make a considerable difference in your savings. Overall, you can increase your energy efficiency this way and at the same time, make it very easy for yourself to afford the costs.

So, we suggest you take energy conservation and efficiency very seriously and start taking steps to maximize it. In case you feel like you require heat pump repair services McLean, then do not delay it and get your devices/appliances repaired right away. This way, you can achieve max efficiency.