When it comes to fireplaces and chimneys, there are a big number of things that you must remember. But unfortunately, many people do not use their fireplaces correctly. They do not get the necessary chimney inspection after every few months and put their house at the risk of a fire.

These are all the things that you need to avoid. In this article, we discuss a number of steps that you can take to ensure that your fireplace is running smoothly without any issues.

Note that it is not that difficult to use a fireplace. However, after you start using them more often, you will realize that things do not always go your way.

For instance, you may notice that the fire is not starting easily. Furthermore, the heat is not as much as you first expected. These are a number of different aspects that should be discussed.

Fireplace and Chimney guide

First of all, it is very important for you to understand the type of wood that you are using. Basically, this can have a big impact on how your chimney and fireplace functions.

If you get poor quality wood, then of course, it is going to be difficult to start a fire. Similarly, poor quality wood is also likely to increase the creosote deposits on your chimney walls which will result in an increased fire hazard.

Along with the type of fire, you must also understand the way the air circulates in your chimney. This will further help you in controlling the amount of creosote that is depositing in your house chimneys.

Building a fire

Now when you are building a fire, it should go as fast as possible. This means that you should first ensure there is enough fuel to start the burning process. After that, the fire should also have enough air so that it can keep burning.

So, in other words, a combination of oxygen and fuel are required to start a fire and for it to keep going. If you skip out on this, then in all likelihood, you are going to fire it harder to start a fire.

Now fire which is not going on efficiently also results in increased deposits of creosote in your chimneys. Of course, this will create things bad for you in case this creosote ends up catching fire. You would not want that to happen.

So, ensure that your fire is burning as efficiently as possible. In case you cannot tell just by looking, then consider calling an expert who can assist you with that.

Keep chimneys in good shape

Lastly, always keep your chimneys and fireplaces in good shape. In case there is enough air flow out of your chimneys, then your fire will be good. And consequently, your house will warm up more efficiently.

However, if there is not enough air to pass, then you are treading on dangerous waters as it can result in a chimney fire any moment. So, proper air flow in chimneys is of extreme importance.

Ending note

Sometimes, proper airflow in chimneys become obstructed due to bird nests and/or other blockages. You should be avidly looking for these blockages so that they can be pass through properly. This will partially remove the risk of fires.

As the next important step, always call chimney sweep services Ellicott City at least one after every 4-5 months to get your chimneys cleaned. Furthermore, these services can also remove any blockages such as bird nests or other rodents from the chimney. Consequently, your chimneys will work efficiently and hence, the fireplace will warm your house properly.