When you go out to salons that do hair extensions to volumize your hair, you are sure to bump into a number of types totally variant from each other.

Remy hair extensions and virgin hair extensions are two of the most popular hair extensions in the market; and here is what sets them apart.

Virgin hair extensions are basically unprocessed hair while Remy hair extensions are not

The major difference between the two is, one of them comes from a donor that has never had anything beside trimming and the other one comes from a donor who might have done hair treatments like bleaching, dyeing, straightening or smoothing more than once. This is the reason for which Remy hair is not as much valued as virgin hair because it is processed hair, and there’s no way of discovering how many times it has been processed.

Virgin hair extensions can be bleached or dyed but Remy hair extensions can never be

It is always recommended to never process your Remy hair as they have already been through invasive chemical treatments many times at the hands of their donor. However, you are absolutely free to bleach, dye or smoothen your virgin hair – that too as many times as you want. Virgin hair is called virgin hair because it has never been invaded or intruded ever before and that is why they are ever ready to be styled and/or colored.

Virgin hair extensions can be permed because they have never been permed before. You cannot expect the same from Remy hair extensions

Here’s one more advantage to the buyers of virgin hair extensions; they can get those extensions curled and permed but the buyers of Remy hair extensions would be completely deprived of this thing, there’s absolutely nothing they can do about it — Remys are likely to be destroyed if they are made to go through any sort of treatment.

Remy hair extensions expire within a couple of uses while virgin hair extensions can last for about a year

Remy hair extensions do not last as long as virgin hair extensions, as a matter of fact. Virgin hair extensions need a good amount of aftercare and if they are given all they need, they can easily last for about a year. Is it not interesting that you will not have to spend a huge chunk of money on buying another set of extensions after bagging virgin hair extensions? Virgin hair extensions have a lengthy life span which is comparable to none.

Remy hair extensions are far cheaper than virgin hair extensions

Remy hair extensions are not as great as the latter but they still do a fine job. They are made of natural hair and they tend to easily blend with your own locks and give your hair a consummate and natural look. Although they may not last as long as virgin hair extensions, they are also not worth a king’s ransom – they are far more cheap than virgin hair extensions. You do not have to be a deep-pocketed person to have Remy hair extensions at your dresser. This is one point where Remys have an edge over its contemporary — virgin hair extensions.

Time to know some similarities between the two:

Both Remy and virgin hair are sheer natural/human hair – far better from synthetic or non-Remy hair

There’s a third type of hair extensions you are perhaps unfamiliar with. They are called non-Remy or non-human hair extensions and they are not as reliable as human hair extensions. These synthetic extensions have several disadvantages, they are usually stiff, their ends are usually uneven and their cuticles are running in the opposite direction. On the contrary, both Remy and virgin hair are totally natural.

Both are smooth, silky and non-stiff

Setting differences aside, both of these extensions share a lot of things in common.

  • They tend to look natural.
  • They feel smooth and soft once you run your fingers through them.
  • They are not unbendable like non-human hair. You can tuck both of them behind your ear, tie them into a bun or do whatever you want.
  • They don’t tend to look unnatural – not even 0.1%.

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