Trees are an excellent source of aesthetic appeal for your homes and also add value to your homes, but you have to take proper care of your tree. Sometimes a tree is leaning towards one side, if the lean has been there since the tree started growing then there is nothing to worry about but if you notice a recent lean in the tree recently then you need to take some precautions and call arborist services for pruning or, in some cases, tree removal.

Why A Tree Leans?

There are many reasons that a tree is leaned towards one side.

Normal Leaning

Trees are very intelligent by nature. They tend to compete with each other for sunlight and soil. Sometimes a tree is planted in such a way that it does not receive proper sunlight, for that the tree leans towards the side where it gets the maximum sunlight for proper growth. That type of lean is very normal and there is no danger of tree falling.

Dangerous Leaning

Some trees get a lean overnight or through a period of time strong winds and heavy rainfall are the cause of a leaning tree in that case. For instance, there was heavy thunderstorm and strong winds which caused the tree to lean towards one side. These trees then become dangerous because the strong force of the winds have also softened up the soil and weakened the roots. The tree can topple over any time and you should call in an expert arborist due to the danger of tree falling especially if there is a residential area nearby. This tree might get leaned in just one night or in a passage of time in which strong winds occur regularly.

Old Tree

If your tree has become old and is decaying and on the verge of death, then the lean is also dangerous. If the tree becomes very sick and has gotten old growth or fungus on its branches or trunk, or you notice a lot of insects and pests eating away the bark of the tree or a lot of leaves falling in the growth season or huge chunks of barks missing then your tree might die and fall any time. This type of lean is very dangerous and requires immediate attention of a tree removal expert.

Weak Roots

If you notice a lean in your tree, then you should also look at the roots of your tree. Weakened tree roots can be due to frequent rainfall which causes the soil to erode and thus causing the roots to become exposed. The roots are the strength of the tree which cause the tree to stand firm and if they become weak then it is a red flag.

Natural Leaning

Sometimes a tree leans because of its nature. Its structure is such that it gives off a lean. You will be surprised to know that trees in Poland grow in J shape and that Pine trees also have a natural structural lean and a Eucalyptus tree also has a natural lean. The tree grows by shifting its weight on the opposite side of the lean by making its roots stretch on the opposite side. Still, the natural lean does not make the tree less dangerous. The leaning tree can easily topple over in case of extreme weather conditions.

You will need to take regular care of your tree and get it properly checked by a professional arborist to know if there is any sort of issue in the tree. To find out about the lean whether it is increasing with time, you can take pictures of your tree on a bi-monthly basis and then compare the pictures, if you notice the lean increasing with time then you will need to call in a professional arborist for tree removal.

A leaning tree is dangerous and should be removed instantly especially if it is planted in a public area because it can fall and damage property or people. The arborist will come and assess the situation and position of the tree and will guide you best and remove your tree. Make sure you hire a credible tree cutting service Montgomery County for a safe tree removal.