No house can be without a bathroom. Although you don’t spend as much time in a bathroom as you do in your living room or bedroom, but it holds its importance. If you feel your house is short of bathrooms, you may be considering bathroom addition by hiring home addition builders. Below we’ll be discussing if you should add a new bathroom to your house.

Pros Of Bathroom Addition

You Don’t Have To Wait

An obvious benefit and perhaps the reason of bathroom room is that you don’t want to take turns or wait for the other person to come when you’re holding nature’s call. Bathroom traffic is mostly bottlenecked during the morning because everybody, from kids to adults, must be ready at 8 or 9am. Adding a new bathroom solves this problem.

Furthermore, with another bathroom, you can keep a bathroom for adults only and keep all the necessary items there for peaceful preparation in the morning and relaxation in the evening or night.

Adds Value To Your House

A bathroom addition adds value to your house. Many buyers prefer houses that have two or more bathrooms. On top of that, if the buyers are families with kids, they mostly buy houses with multiple bathrooms. Other additions and remodels such as kitchen addition and deck installation also provide an impressive ROI.

Why these additions pay off? Because homeowners look for finished product and buy it instead of spending time and money, and tolerating the disruption to remodel or add a certain feature to the house later.

Provides More Privacy

If you care about privacy, you should know that a single bathroom will prove to be a privacy buster. Imagine your guest using bathroom, poking around, and finding something that they shouldn’t. This is one of the reasons many homeowners with a single bathroom opt for adding another bathroom. With it, they can assign a bathroom for guests and another for personal and family use.


Some people don’t like sharing toilet because their standards of hygiene are different. This is another reason why some homeowners build another bathroom for guests.

Cons Of Building A New Bathroom

High Cost

We mentioned above that bathroom addition adds value to your house. On the flip side, you need to spend good bucks to build a new bathroom. The bathroom building cost goes higher as you add more features or choose luxury materials.

Increased Cost Of Utility Bills

Your new bathroom will have separate faucets, sinks, shower, and toilet, which can result in increased usage of water. You may also experience raise in the power bill due to the additional light fixtures used in the new bathroom. Furthermore, the raised cost of utility bills is not on-time. You’ll be paying it every month.

You can solve this problem to an extent by using water-efficient faucets and fixtures. Moreover, try installing LED lights and energy saving appliances.

Additional Cleaning And Maintenance

You will have an additional bathroom to clean and maintain regularly. Bathrooms are used frequently and due to their nature, they require special cleaning and care. Different fixtures require different style of cleaning and special products. And lastly, the floor should be kept clean as well.

Remodel or Addition

Follow below if you can’t decide whether to add a new bathroom or remodel the existing bathroom.

  • A bathroom remodel costs lesser than building a full-fledged bathroom.
  • The cost of features and fixture is similar in both projects. Bathroom addition costs more in terms of building materials and additional labor.
  • For a remodel, you may be able to install new fixtures on an already laid out plumbing system, but with an addition, plumbing systems will be installed as well. This incurs extra cost.
  • If your goal is to have an extra bathroom, then a remodel is unnecessary. You should go ahead with bathroom addition. Because in this case, two small, average bathrooms would be better than one luxurious bathroom.


Now that you have learned the advantages and disadvantages of building a new bathroom, plan and decide. It’s recommended to get architects builders DC onboard who will provide you with a rough estimate of the project. Bathroom additions do add value to your house, so your money wouldn’t go to waste.