Marble, quartz, and granite countertops rule the countertop industry for years and no one can deny the benefits they claim. However, metal countertops are not behind in this race. With many advantages to offer, metal is now becoming the choice of many homeowners for their countertops.

Which Metal Countertop Should I Go For?

As with all materials, metal also has its set of pros and cons. But the best part is that there are many types of metals to choose from. You can choose according to your preference co considering design, maintenance factors, a plethora of colors, the size and thickness, the edge design, the sealant, the installation method, and additional adjustment factors. You can add and subtract stuff to bring the metal countertop into your budget.

Metal countertops are durable and will last you a long time, provided how you take care of them. Generally, metal is very heat and scratch resistant after you have applied sealants.

Also, it is low maintenance and you need just light soapy water and a soft cloth to clean your metal countertop. Harsh chemical-based cleaners are a strict No-No for your metal surface as they can lead to etching and dulling of the surface.

What Are The Different Metal Countertops Options?

There are many metal countertops to choose from. You can choose according to your cost and the advantages and disadvantages it offers.

Stainless Steel Countertops

The most popular of the metal countertops. Stainless steel is a versatile option that goes with almost any decor and gives off a high-end look. For this reason, it is preferred for both residential and industrial purposes.

It is antibacterial, rust-free, corrosion-free, non-porous, highly durable, indestructible, and fire-resistant. The drawbacks are that it may make a lot of noise while usage, constantly show smudges and finger marks, is easily prone to dents and is very expensive.

Copper Countertops

Another common metal that is widely becoming a popular choice due to its unusual aesthetic appeal is copper. It is low maintenance and has antibacterial properties which make it perfect to prepare food. Copper gives off a rustic and vintage vibe plus it shows all the fingerprints, marks, and smudges turning the copper into a pleasantly attractive patina. The downside is that it is easily prone to denting and is very costly.

Aluminum Countertops

One of the most affordable countertops on the lot. It is very light in weight, easy to fix, and is more corrosion resistant and oxidation properties than stainless steel. It is completely rustproof and hence very much suitable for food preparation purposes.

One major drawback of aluminum, due to which it is a less preferred option for countertops, is that it is not malleable and not easily shaped. This implies that it cannot withstand a lot of weight and tension and can easily break under pressure.

Bronze Countertops

A very tough, durable, and long-lasting countertop. It is a metal alloy which is made up of tin and copper which gives it a distinctive dull gold shade. However, with usage, it acquires a unique color of blackish-brownish hue due to defects, smudges, spills, and marks. This gives it a gracious appeal. Bronze countertops are dent and scratch-resistant.

The drawback is that it is not easily available, quite pricey and also harsh and abrasive cleaners should be avoided at all costs on bronze countertops.

Brass Countertops

Go for this countertop only if your pockets are full and you want your kitchen to become the center of attention in your house. It gives your kitchen a very rich, vintage gold look that looks stunning and aesthetically appealing. Brass is harder and more durable than copper, pewter, and zinc and is scratch and dent resistant. This type of alloy is very rare to find.

Pewter Countertops

An all-time classic metal used for ages for different kitchen purposes. It has antibacterial properties so it’s a great option for food purposes. Its silvery grey shade gives a very homely and earthy feel. Its color turns into a charcoal shade over time. It is long-lasting but can be easily scratched and dented. It is timeless and low maintenance but comes with a price.


There are abundant options of metal countertops to choose from. Go to a quartz countertops dealer Potomac who can show you many metal countertop materials as well. You can decide based on your theme, budget, and choice.