If you own a fast-food joint, having a commercial deep fryer is a must. Not only will you be able to improve the efficiency of your kitchen but the taste of your food as well. However, using a commercial deep fryer requires setting up some ground rules. To ensure that your deep fryer is always working at its optimum and doesn’t need the help of commercial appliances repair services frequently, you need to consider the following tips.

Fryer Preparation

The first thing you need to consider when it comes to improving the efficiency of your appliance is fryer preparation. A commercial deep fryer will only work at its optimum if it’s properly set up. Otherwise, it can lead to serious injuries and burns.

With that being said, start by cleaning the dry spot first. You are going to need a commercial deep fryer cleaner or soap water. Go through the instructions mentioned on the bottle and clean and remove any residue sitting in the basin. Make sure that the pot is thoroughly cleaned and allow water to boil in the basin. Once the water cools down, drain it and wipe dry the basin.

Now that the fryer is ready to use, ensure that the fry pot is filled to the recommended level. Overfilling can lead to injuries and a reduction in the efficiency of the deep fryer.

Getting Food Ready

Before you put in some food to fry, make sure that the deep fryer has reached the proper cooking temperature. It is often that some people tend to flood the fryer with food while the oil is hot, which does not fry the food items properly.

While you are frying the food, you will have to deal with food buildup and crumbs in the oil. In addition to that, place a bin under the fry baskets instead of the fry pot. It is important that you handle or control any food buildup in the fryer that might influence the taste of the food. Ignoring food buildup may give the food items a burnt taste.

Cooking In Your Commercial Deep Fryer

Apart from knowing how to get the food ready and fryer preparation, you should know the basics of using and cooking in your commercial deep fryer as well. First things first, you should go through the user’s manual and read what you can and cannot do with the commercial deep fryer.

Different manufacturers lay down different safety and usage rules that ensure the longevity of the unit. For example, before putting food into the deep fryer, you should make sure that it is properly thawed. Frozen food can influence the oil temperature and lead to food burning.

Furthermore, if you have a batch of the same or different food items to be fried, lower them in small numbers. Frozen or not, adding food items to your deep fryer is going to have some effect on the oil. Therefore, instead of lowering the entire batch at once, put small numbers based on the size of the deep fryer to ensure each food item is properly fried.

Keep The Fryer In Optimal Condition

Fryer maintenance is as important as reading the user’s manual. Since deep fryers are designed to fry different types of food on a daily basis, it is important that the fryer be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that it is kept in the best condition.

If possible, thoroughly clean the deep fryer at least each week. You can also hire a professional who can deep clean the fryer and inspect it for any problems. If you prefer cleaning the fryer on your own, make sure that you clean the walls, inside of the fry pot and remove the soap residue after cleaning. Wipe the deep fry dryer and allow water in hard areas to dry off as well and then turn on the deep fryer.

Final Word

Getting the most out of your commercial deep fryer is easy. You simply need to follow the basic standards of cleaning and maintenance. If you are still struggling to make proper use of the unit, go through the user’s manual and try to understand how you can ensure maximum efficiency each time you use it to make delicious food items. Plus, get it fixed from a deep fryer repair Northern VA technician as soon as possible when an issue arises.