Believe it or not, but holding a fundraising event is harder than holding any regular event. Fundraising requires more commitment, more negotiation and persuasive skills, and more time for the partners and donors to develop trust in your organization. That’s why you need specialized planners and corporate tent rentals.

In this case, you may make mistakes that may cause you to lose your donors and supporters as well as your potential to raise money and help for charity. For your help and for your fundraising event to be a success, we have listed down the top fundraising mistakes you should avoid when you are holding an event.

Know Your Purpose

Before you hold a fundraising event, your purpose should be clear. Whether your event is just for generating money or you want to generate more supporters, build relationships and team up with other organizations in your cause or raise awareness for your cause. Whatever your aim is, it should be clearly presented to all the donors and partners.

The Type Of Event You Will Be Holding

There are many types of fundraising events that you can hold. A fun run or walk, a walkathon, an auction for different commodities, an art exhibition or an exhibition to showcase the products by local artisans, a fun gala, and even a concert. You will need to plan out the type of event and generally the more complicated the more planning, time, and investment will be involved. A walkathon or a fun run or walk is generally the easiest to plan but it encourages awareness of your cause and partnership building rather than money generation whereas an auction or exhibition will generate more money.

Your Team Is As Important As Your Event

Appointing less skilled and less costly team members and staff will only cause you to lose out on your opportunity to hold a successful event. Your staff, their confidence, their skills, and their education is very important to persuade and attract potential customers, supporters, and donors and to build a successful organization.

Create And Set Up Your Budget

Creating a budget and sticking to it is very important. You should be able to measure the approximate amount of donations you’ll be receiving and should coordinate with your set budget. Generally, your donations should exceed your budget at least 2 times so that the goal of your charity is met. If you do not plan out and in case your budget exceeds the donations then the purpose of your event will not be served.

Treat All Your Donors Equally

Treating all your donors is extremely important. Your equal treatment will determine the success of your event as well as your organization. High treatment of your regular donors or donors who give a lot as compared to low donors will cause you to lose potential customers and donors in the future. But in this case, it is also important that you should not treat a one-time donor very highly.

Do Be Specific About Your Needs

When a donor is donating their hard-earned money in the name of the charity, they should know what they are giving for. You should be able to specifically state where their money is going to go and how much you will be spending on the betterment of society and for the people who require the charity. Also, you should be specific about how much funds you will be needing, and also you should be able to present the exact details of where their money will be spent and on what commodities and infrastructure it will be spent on.

Do Not Only Ask For Money

Your call of action and the purpose of your event should be clear but it should not be the only focal point of your event. Imagine the whole time you’re asking for money and donations, how would your donors and supporters feel about it? They will feel as if they’re here just to give money and eventually you lose your potential partners.

They should be regularly updated about how the proceeds are helping the needy and how their money is being implemented in the cause. Also, they should be regularly updated with pictures and developments. This way they will get a feeling of attachment with the organization.

Be Courteous And Thankful

Thanking your donors after the event is very important. It makes them feel valuable. Send personal thank you cards with flowers or a small gift of appreciation and a personal phone call. It will build trustworthy relationships for the future.

A successful fundraising event is very important for your organization and the success of your cause so make sure to do it right. So, hire the right people, decorators, and event rentals Rockland NY.