There are many treatments in the market that are gaining popularity for their ability to reduce frizz and straighten hair. Treatments like keratin treatments and Japanese hair straightening are among the topmost demanded treatments. Every day, with the rapidly expanding fashion industry, a new Japanese hair straightening salon opens up.

What should you know about Japanese hair straightening treatment?

Indeed, Japanese hair straightening is becoming very popular. In this article, we have gathered all the information we could about the Japanese hair straightening to share with you.

What is Japanese Hair Straightening?

Japanese hair straightening is a method that breaks down the existing bonds in the hair to straighten them permanently. It is also referred to as thermal reconditioning. It contains a chemical called cystine which is responsible for flattening the hair waves.

The solution is first applied to the hair, where it sets for at least 20 minutes. The hair is then conditioned to keep it hydrated before straightening it with the help of a hair straightener. Then the neutralizer is applied for at least 10 minutes which fully straightens the hair. Lastly, the hair is washed, blow dried and straightened again with a hair straightener.

The Japanese Hair Straightening is a long procedure as compared to other hair treatments. It takes a minimum of 4 hours to complete. However, some treatments even last longer, as long as 8 hours. However, it highly depends on the hair type. For different hair types, the process takes different amount of time. Some hair types take longer while others do not take up as much time. Regardless, even for easier hair types, the process might take at least 4 hours.

Benefits of Japanese Hair Straightening

There are countless benefits of getting a Japanese Hair Straightening. Not only will you save a lot of time styling your hair every day, but the hair condition also looks much better than with other treatments. The hair looks naturally straight and does not look rigid. With this hair treatment, you cannot really tell that you got a treatment done. The hair does not look rigid and rough. In fact, it is shinier, softer and smoother. Moreover, the hair is also really easy to maintain. It also looks fuller and healthier. It remains frizz free even in humidity.

How long does the Japanese Hair Straightening last for?

The Japanese Hair Straightening is a permanent treatment. Its lifetime can be prolonged if it is well maintained. This means that the treatment will only grow out when your hair grows out and your natural hair returns. Otherwise, the hair treatment will last, which means it is a long-term commitment. Japanese Hair Straightening does not wash out or break out like other treatments such as keratin treatment and Brazilian blowout. For most hair types, it lasts up to 12 months.

Disadvantages of getting Japanese Hair Straightening

Since Japanese Hair Straightening is a chemical procedure, it is bound to have certain side effects. If your hair was dyed before, the chemical process could cause damage to it. For extremely lighter or darker dyed hair, the treatment might not even work for them. The damage can only be assessed by your stylist based on how much your hair is dyed. However, this is the only side effect of Japanese Hair Straightening so far. Other than that, this treatment does wonders.


Why waste your time and money on other treatments, when you can get a permanent treatment with relatively lesser side effects? There is a reason Japanese Hair Straightening is gaining so much popularity, thanks to its better hair straightening abilities, long lifespan and lesser side effects. So, go to your nearest permanent hair straightening salon Rockville and get quotes for the Japanese hair straightening treatment.