Washing your hair after a long day seems like a treat but do you know what doesn’t sound great? A big frizzy mess of hair when you come out of the shower. Many frizz problems can be solved with a keratin treatment by hairstylist. However, sometimes, you are doing something differently that is causing frizz. Here are some reasons why your hair goes frizzy after a wash.

The Water Is Too Hot

A hot shower sounds amazing, but what it does to your poor hair is the total opposite. It’s not recommended that you use extremely hot and scorching water for the hair, because it’s going to shock the follicles and you’ll be left with frizzy hair that is going to be a nightmare to tame.

So, the next time you want to hop into a hot shower, then try to lower the temperature to lukewarm for your hair, because it’s going to prevent frizz. You will also see that your hair is a lot more shiny and smooth if you use cold water for rinsing.

You’re Using A Harsh Shampoo

Shampoos can also make or break the texture of your hair and your shampoo might just be the thing that’s ruining your hair altogether. Shampoos have very harsh ingredients in them, like sulfate, parabens, and other chemicals that are not good for the hair at all, so these things, over time, can lead to frizz in the hair and it’s almost impossible to get rid of.

The best way to combat this issue is to use a natural shampoo that doesn’t have a lot of chemicals in it. These shampoos are organic, and sulfate-free and they don’t have any harsh chemicals. These products are going to save your hair, prevent frizz and also control the damage and restore your hair health. How amazing is that! You will love your hair texture after a couple of washes and you will certainly see a difference.

You’re Washing Your Hair Too Much

This is also another thing that most women are guilty of. Because of the weather and some other factors, it might be that you’re washing your hair almost every single day. Well, that’s not the best idea because your hair and scalp have natural oils in them and those can be stripped off when you wash your hair too much. You know what’s going to happen if there is no oil in your hair. You guessed it: frizz.

So, try to limit washing your hair and stick to once or twice a week, and you will see that your hair won’t get frizzy.

You’re Using Heat Right After

Yes, you’re sopping wet from the shower and so is your hair, and grabbing that blow dryer might be tempting, but you want to stop yourself right there. Blow drying dripping wet hair can also lead to frizz that is unimaginable. You won’t believe how messy and frizzy your hair will be if you try to blow dry it immediately.

If you are a fan of doing this, then you might see frizz right after and that’s frustrating. So, whatever you do, don’t go for the blow dryer, because frizz is going to be inevitable that way.

You Didn’t Oil Your Hair

Oiling your hair is a must before washing it. Your hair needs that extra barrier of moisture and even if you’re washing it off, the shampoo will not be as harsh on your hair, if you have the oil covering the follicles.

This is where a lot of women forget about the fact that they need to regularly oil their hair to make it look conditioned, healthy, and, most of all, frizz-free. If you’re not oiling your hair before a shower, then you better be prepared to welcome a mess of frizz.

You’re Drying Your Hair Too Quickly

It’s already been established that wet hair is fragile, but did you know what can make it worse? Toweling the hair aggressively after a shower. Your towel is not the softest thing to use on wet hair and you are also not mindful of this fact half of the time, so it can lead to your hair getting frizzy and very brittle.

So, the next time you’re toweling your hair and don’t want to create a mountain of frizz in your head, then it’s better to go slowly and if you want, you can skip the toweling altogether and let your hair air dry.

You’re Brushing Out Wet Hair

Do you want to know about another thing that’s not good for wet hair? A hairbrush. You don’t want to brush out your hair when it’s wet, because that can lead to immense breakage and, not to mention, frizz. This can also damage your extensions that were applied by an expert in a hair extensions salon Potomac.

You should let your hair air dry and brush it out afterward if you have the time. More often than not, that’s not the case and you’re usually in a rush after the shower, so another thing to do which won’t create frizz in your hair is finger-combing. Glide your fingers through your hair and get it to be somewhat presentable, and then after the hair has fully dried, you can brush it out with a normal brush.

You’re Rubbing Your Hair Too Much

Toweling your hair is one thing, but when you’re in the shower, shampooing your hair, it’s not the brightest idea to rub your hair aggressively, unless you want frizz to take control all over your tresses.

It’s best if you switch to your fingers and rub on the scalp rather than the hair follicles because that’s what is going to lead to a cleaner scalp.

Your Hair Isn’t Nourished

If you’re not someone who applies hair masks, then you’re seriously missing out on the fun. Hair masks and treatments are amazing for the hair, and that’s not just for the looks. Hair masks can also prevent frizz and make your hair smoother.

So, if you’re not using a hair mask at least once a week, then you can say hello to frizz. Once you use a hair mask, that’s conditioning and nourishing for the tresses, you will see the difference in your hair in no time. It’s safe to say that you will love the results.

Not Using Leave-In Conditioner

Last but not least, if you have extremely frizzy hair and it seems to get worse after showering, then you’re probably missing a crucial step in your pre-shower routine and that’s applying a leave-in conditioner.

A leave-in conditioner is the answer to all of the problems related to frizz and you will see a difference once you include this itty-bitty step in your shower routine. Right before hopping in the shower, you can spritz in some leave-in conditioner and then go about shampooing the hair. There will be no sign of frizz.


Frizzy hair can be really hard to tame, especially right after washing it, and these are the main reasons causing the problems. So, the next time you wash your hair, keep these things in mind. Additionally, if you don’t like frizz at all and want to rock smooth and straight hair, then you should visit a Brazilian keratin salon Potomac for Brazilian blowout, keratin treatment, or any other hair smoothening treatment.