You saw a new hair color on your favorite celebrity and feel like endorsing it. You go to any of the hair salons specializing in color the next day and show the picture to your hairdresser and she does the exact thing on your hair. The result is; that you hate it but you say nothing, walk out and then cry your heart out.

The Reason Why You Do Not Like Your New Hair Color

Hair has a huge impact on your personality, facial features, the way you dress and carry yourself, and your complexion. Hair colors are done based on your facial tone and features. A hair color that looks good on one person may not necessarily look good on you. Especially when it’s on a celebrity because they go through a lot of makeup, lighting, editing, and whatnot to present you with the perfect picture.

Celebrities go through a plethora of procedures to and their hair looks top-notch and glossy and make their skin look pure. Reality is quite different from what you expect.

In the scenario above, first of all, your hair stylist should guide you regarding the choice of your color, how it will turn out and how it will look on you. If she doesn’t then you should ask her till you are 100% satisfied.

Secondly, if you have chosen a very light color and you have virgin dark-colored hair then the lightning process is not easy as a lot of bleaching and lightening agents are required, so the resulting hair color may seem a bit off. If you already had your hair colored previously then due to color correction and bleaching you will not get the exact color you wanted.

Thirdly, the color looks different in the curated lights of the salon and different when you go home, so settle for the time being.

What To Do With Your Hair Now?

So now when the hair color has been done and it cannot be undone, the next step is what you will do now.

Firstly, convey your problem to the hairdresser; a good hairdresser will not let you leave unhappy but will find a way to satisfy you.

A stylist gives 24 hours for the new hair color to blend with your hair and 15 days for the hair color to completely set. Every type of color goes through a fasting process and the real color comes in after 15 days and 5 to 6 washes later.

The shampoo and conditioner cause the lightening of the colors. So sometimes, the hairdresser will deliberately add 2 shades of light or dark hair color to give it leverage to wash out, fade, and settle in. So, you should wait at least 15 days before going for a re-dye or adding another light or dark color. Once the 15 days mark has crossed, then you can decide whether the color looks good on you or not.

There are two kinds of colors, light hair colors, and dark hair colors and surely there are certain ways to correct them.

Correcting Light-Colored Hair

If you have gotten light-colored hair dye, this means bleach has been used on your hair. It’s good news as a darker color shade can be easily applied to your hair and color correction can be achieved. You can do it instantly or wait for 15 days and wait for the color to fade away. You can even go for a shade two tones darker.

Correcting Dark-Colored Hair

In the case of dark-colored hair, you cannot bleach it to lighten it immediately as the color pigments of the hair dye used will get washed away and stripped off leading to devastating hair color. In this case, you will need to be patient and wait for 15 days to see the color that will turn out after the fade-off. You can then decide to go for 2 shades lighter hair color or go for bleaching.

Get A Glossing

Glossing isn’t just a layer of gloss or shine but color corrects your hair and makes it smooth. It removes the yellow and brassy undertones, corrects the orange shade in your brown hair color, and perfects your shade.


These were the ways of getting a color correction. These must be done by a hair color correction specialist Rockville. If nothing else works then they will re-grow in some time or you can get your natural shade dyed as well.