Basketball is the most loved sport. This sport has gained a lot of popularity in every part of the world. Want to know what made basketball so famous? Well, the reason behind the sprawling popularity of basketball is the talent, passion and determination of great basketball players.

Great basketball players

It is possible to become a good basketball player but it requires a lot to be a great basketball player. You cannot become a great player by merely taking basketball training from the best basketball coach or by pursuing basketball practice for hours. These things help though.

Qualities that make a basketball player great

Sportsmanship: Have you heard about manners and courtesy? If yes, then apply those practices in your game. Struggle till last minute and put your best efforts to win the game. No matter you win or lose the game. Play hard and be fair. Win like a champion and lose like a champion.
Teamwork: Basketball is a team sport that’s why you will have to put “We OVER Me“. One man cannot win the game. Dedicate yourself for better team performance.

Confidence: In basketball, confidence is more important than skill. If you play with confidence, you can win against bigger and stronger teams. On the other hand, if you lose confidence, your skills will become barren for you.

Mental toughness: Just like physical toughness, your mental toughness is equally important to win the game. If you are mentally strong, you can put yourself beyond the threshold limit of your body. Of course, results will be great.

Positive Attitude: It doesn’t matter you won or lost the last game. Keep your moral high and play the new game with high spirit. It’s a new day and new game; you can perform better with positive attitude.

Passion: One characteristic that makes a player great is PASSION. Whether it requires waking up early, rigors training or strict diet, your passion can help you to bear everything.

Respect: Great basketball players respect basketball, teammates, coaches and opponents as well.
So, these are the qualities which can make you a great basketball player. Well, if you join basketball camp or start playing basketball at early age, you can automatically develop these qualities.

Basketball Beginner Ball Handling tips

The ball handling in the game of basketball should not be overlooked. Whether you are a professional player, play for college or even a beginner, ball handling is and will always be the most important part of basketball training.

Beginner ball handling and shooting

If you are a beginner, and want to be a successful basketball player, then it is very important for you to expertise in basketball handling and shooting. Anytime you get with the ball, just practice. Make yourself comfortable with the basketball (as comfortable you were with the Nintendo buttons in your childhood). Without any basketball coaching you cannot master all the skills. You can take help from professional basketball coach as well as apply the below mentioned drills in your game to handle the basketball in a better way.

Important must do Ball Handling drills

Most effective basketball drills that will make beginners comfortable with the ball:
#1: Ball tipping: Tip the basketball back and forth from one hand to another, keeping your hands straight above your head. Then go down to your chest, thighs, keens and legs and then start all over again. While doing the tipping make sure that the ball only touches your fingertips not the palms of your hand.
#2: Catch-catch: This is one of the hardest basketball skills to master, but once if you learn this skill properly. You can easily handle the ball even during the toughest time of the game. To practice this drill, hold the ball between the legs and keep your hand on either side of your legs. Catch the ball and immediately change the position of your hands. Do this drill as fast as possible.
#3: The finger tip control: For beginner basketball player, it is hard to have control on the ball while dribbling. Never forget that the key to successful dribbling is, touching the ball with fingertips ONLY. To control the ball with finger tip, dribble the ball with just one finger at a time (during the practice session only).

So, these are effective basketball handling drills that can help beginners to a great extend. However, you should consider joining a basketball camp to learn playing basketball in a better way.