The spring season is upon us, where there is a massive influx of buying and renting homes all across the country. When moving to a new home, the idea of renovating and refreshing one’s home always seems like a good idea. As far as the kitchen goes, replacing the countertops with preferably granite countertops seems to make the most sense to homeowners. Not only do the countertops make the most impact in freshening up your kitchen space, they are also relatively cheaper to replace or renovate.

When discussing countertop materials, granite countertops are certainly hot on the market. Known for their lower price point and high durability, granite countertops are a must for every homeowner looking to renovate their space on a budget. They are also available in a variety of colors and patterns to choose from.

When it comes to narrowing down your options, granite countertops are available in a variety of price points. Contrary to the popular belief, the higher price doesn’t always mean the quality will be that great.

Today we will be classifying the popular stone in four basic levels based on the colors they are available in, the quality of the stone and the different price ranges suitable to every budget.

Level 1 – The Blues

Level one of this section is the most affordable and least expensive out of all the granite forms stocked up in the inventory. Coined as single blue or double blue, the collection stocks granite forms that are consistent in shape and pattern, and is available in a variety of colors including shades of blues, beige, brown, grey, green and black.

The most popular granite pieces out of this whole collection is Santa Cecilia – an earthy twist to the conventional granite pattern featuring shades of gold, brown and burgundy, Ubatuba- speckled with shades of gold, brown and black over a magnificent dark green background and lastly, white Fiorito – featuring black and grey shades on a solid white base.

The level 1 granite stones are suitable for both commercial and residential decorations. You find them priced on average at $32-$45 per square foot with contractors. The slabs are available in 1.25 and 0.75 inches.

Level 2 – The Silver Glory

Known as the best of both worlds, in terms of quality and affordability, the silver collection is the most popular line of granite kitchen tops to choose from. The top picks out of this collection feature solid dark backgrounds with veining patterns and speckles of gold and silver.

The Colonial Gold, Kashmir white and African Galaxy are by far the most popular amongst clients. Stones in this collection can be used for a wide variety of projects around the house including countertops, Jacuzzis or even vanity tops. This countertop collection is priced in between $45-$65.

Level 3 – The Gold

Coming to the signature collection featuring exotic pieces and striking color patterns with rare veining patterns, this collection is certainly for those homeowners who are looking to create a style statement. A few of the stones are also shipped from exotic countries where the stone mining is very limited.

The most popular choices out of this collection include Polar Ice – an off-white background with black and grey veining and Atlantis, which features veins and speckles or rust, orange and cold over a neutral background. This category is priced a bit higher at $75 per square foot.

Level 4 – Exotic Granite

Coming towards the finale, the exotic collection features unique and rare forms of the stone that are reserved for those that value the best things in life. This collection boasts of stone forms that are rare and mined in limited quantities.

The top favorite granites include the Costa Emerlda and Copacabana featuring shades of indigo and emerald paired with long and wide veins all across the stone. This collection includes pieces that are priced well above $100 for both their design and their limited quantities.

Now that you have learned the different granite kitchen countertop levels, it’s time to search for a good granite contractor Potomac. When searching for a countertop installer, make sure to check out their online reviews and social pages as they will give you an idea of their service and work ethics. Lastly, get quotes from multiple installers to land the best deal.