Are you getting bored of your plain black hair and want to change them a bit? Hair highlight is the option you could go for by visiting any hair color or balayage salon. It is the best way to make a subtle transition between your natural hair and the hair color.

Also, those who do not want to change their natural hair color can experiment with hair highlights. If you don’t know what color you should go for, don’t worry, I got you covered. Here’s a list of a few trendy black hair highlights.

Natural Highlights

If your hair is virgin and you want to give them a new look but also want to keep it safe. Then, I suggest you should go for natural highlights. These highlights start from the crown of your head and go all the way down to your ends. No matter what hair color and texture you have, these highlights are going to give you a chance to flaunt your hair.

Blonde Highlights

These are the easiest to adopt highlights. And they look trendy too. Everyone you see opts for blonde highlights when highlighting their hair for the first time. The blonde color will enhance the features of your face and will add a glow to your complexion. These highlight streaks should start from your eye line and go below then.

Brown Highlights

Brown highlights are easy to maintain the most elite and sophisticated ones yet. They look great on darker tones, adding a glow to your complexion. You look as if you’ve spent your entire day under the sun when you had a whole office day.

Silver Highlights

If you’re someone with light eyes and a pale complexion, this highlight is just the perfect blend to your dark hair. These icy-looking silver highlights will grab the attention no matter what. Also, to maintain your locks add a silver toner to your hair-care routine, and you’ll always radiate the way as if you’ve just stepped out of a salon.

Rich Burgundy Highlights

If you want to add a bit of drama to your hair, burgundy is the tone you should opt for. This is the color that will grab everyone’s attention when you enter the room. Also, it looks perfect on darker hair than light hair. Your rich burgundy highlights will complement your complexion in the right way while giving it a glow.

Rosie Highlights

These highlights will look perfect on both light and dark hair. Every head will turn in your direction when you get these highlights. The subtle transition of black to rosie is a kind of surprise. Your locks will look perfect when these highlights start from a muted Rosie tone from your eye line and get darker while moving down.

Coffee Color Highlights

A soft coffee tone starting from the middle of your hair and going down to the tips is a perfect choice for warmer seasons. It gives you one of those cozy looks. And while talking about perfection, it gets all-stars. This look is ideal for both modern and simple hairstyles.

Frontal Bang Highlights

No bob-cut will ever look perfect without highlights. And especially, in these modern times, having a plain bob will make you look dull and someone from the past. But still, if you don’t want to go for highlights, you can pursue frontal bang highlights. With these highlights, you’ll get a modern, trendy look with not-so-much effort.

Teal Green Highlights

Having a pale complexion will allow you to try all the dark and dramatic colors. From icy blue to teal green highlights, try one of your choices, and you’re good to flaunt your hair.

Teal green compliments darker hair more than lighter hair, and it gives you an iconic and gothic look.

Ash Highlights

Summers don’t even start, and you start feeling the hot air and the scorching sun. In those times, you need highlights that are cool and refreshing. Ash is the tone to select then. These light highlights will absorb less heat and will keep you cool the whole summer.

Green And Purple Highlights

Moving towards more adventure, more drama, go for the double color highlights. The green and purple highlights on your dark hair will give you an iconic peacock color. It will look trendy and radiating, turning heads towards you whenever you flip your hair. Only go to reputable hair highlights salons for natural looking highlights. Hypno