Straight hair is a trend that’s never going out of style and this is the main reason why a lot of women go crazy for a mane that’s sleek, silky, and straight. This is why hair straightening salons are popular. Here are some chemical and natural ways by which you can turn your wavy and frizzy tresses into a manageable and straight mane.

Chemical Ways Of Straightening Your Hair

Chemical hair straightening is by which you can break down the protein bonds in your hair, that make up the structure of hair follicles, with the help of certain chemicals and treatments. This is going to lead to pin-straight and permanently sleek hair. Here are some ways by which you can achieve a silky and straight mane.


Rebonding has been around for years and it is one of the oldest ways of permanently straightening your hair. It breaks down the hair protein and then the style is set in place with a hot flat iron.

Here is the step-by-step process of what happens in a hair rebonding procedure.

  1. Your hair will be washed and dried first. There mustn’t be any sebum or product in your hair, otherwise, it might ruin the results of the rebonding. You can even wash your hair prior to coming to the salon, but it can be done there as well.
  2. Next, your hair will be coated in a treatment of sorts, and that’s known as a hair relaxer. This treatment is responsible for relaxing/breaking the protein in your hair, which, in turn, eliminates frizz and makes the follicles fall straight down your scalp. The treatment is left on for about 25 to 45 minutes, depending on the thickness of your hair.
  3. A steamer is used to set the relaxer in place and your hair is steamed for a good 30 to 40 minutes, especially if you have extremely curly and thick hair.
  4. The relaxer is then rinsed off and a deep conditioner is applied to your hair, to nourish it. Afterward, to replenish your hair, a keratin or protein mask/lotion is also applied, to restore hair health.
  5. The hair is washed after 30 minutes and then the style is set in place and permanently, with a flat iron on a high heat setting. The end result will be permanently straight and silky hair.

Japanese Hair Straightening

The Japanese hair straightening treatment is also a very popular way of permanently straightening your hair. In this method, instead of breaking down the hair structure, it is altered with the use of heat and chemicals. Here is what happens in a traditional Japanese hair straightening treatment.

  1. The hair is washed and divided into sections. The smaller the sections are, the better the results will be at the end, but it also means that you’ll be in the salon for a long time.
  2. Once the sections are made, a restructuring treatment is applied to the hair. This treatment alters the structure of the hair follicles and it makes the hair look limp and straight, which is what you’re going for. The treatment is left on for about 45 minutes and then rinsed off with cold water.
  3. The hair will be heat-treated with a flat iron to preserve the style.
  4. Afterward, another treatment called the neutralizer is applied, in order to make the hair look nourished and conditioned because the hair restructuring treatment can be pretty damaging.
  5. The process of heat treating is repeated once again and that’s pretty much it.
  6. The process involves the use of chemicals so only go to a reputable Japanese hair straightening salon Rockville for the treatment.

Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment is a very popular hair smoothening treatment and for a lot of people, it works as a somewhat permanent hair straightening treatment too. A keratin treatment is a less damaging alternative to other permanent hair straightening treatments out there. Here is a step-by-step process of a keratin treatment:

  1. The hair is washed and dried first because oily hair can alter the results of the keratin treatment.
  2. The hair is divided into sections and then each section is drenched in a keratin treatment. The keratin treatment consists of keratin and a couple of more acids and chemicals that are going to smoothen your hair and make it look straight. The treatment is left on for about 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the curliness and thickness of the hair.
  3. While the treatment is still in your hair, a flat iron, on a high heat setting, is run through your mane to style it and straighten it. This is probably the most time-consuming part of a keratin treatment and it’s pretty easy too, so you can even do it at home if you have all of the products and tools.

Natural Ways Of Straightening Your Hair

If you want to naturally make your hair straight without any chemicals or heat, then here are some ways by which you can achieve the same results.

The Hair Roller Method

This method sounds weird, but it works and the best part is that there’s little to no heat involved. All you need are giant hair rollers and you want to dampen your hair before rolling them on the roller. Repeat the process, until all of your hair is wrapped, and leave it for 2 to 3 hours until the hair dries.

Once you unravel the rollers, you’ll be greeted with straight hair and if you want, you can just touch up your roots with a flat iron to get rid of those pesky kinks and knots.

The Wrapping Method

Another old-school but effective way of straightening your hair without heat is by wrapping it around your head. This works great for medium to long lengths and you’ll get amazing results.

All you need for this method are some Bobby pins and a spray bottle of water. You’ll start with wet hair and brush it out. Then, you’ll take individual strands of hair and wrap them behind your hair, over your ear, onto the other side of the head, and secure it in place with Bobby pins or burettes.

You want to make sure that the hair is tightly wrapped over your head. Then, it’s time to play the waiting game. Wait until the hair is dry and you can slowly let your hair loose and the results will blow you away. Make sure to set it with a setting spray or gel, so that the hair stays straight for longer.

Hot Oil Treatment

Lastly, if you really want to sport naturally straight and frizz-free hair, then a hot oil treatment will save the day. It won’t work overnight, but you’ll be doing your hair a huge favor. Take any hair oil you use on your tresses and heat it up in the microwave.

Some oils that work best are olive oil, avocado oil, argan oil, and jojoba oil. Apply the heated oil all over your hair and wash it off, after 3-4 hours.


Permanent hair straightening can be pretty harsh on your hair, but luckily there are ways by which you can achieve the same look, in a more natural and less damaging way. In you want a chemical treatment that is less damaging, go to a keratin treatment salon Rockville.