Not everyone is good in cooking. There are several methods of cooking that you should take note and you might end up getting confused, especially if you are a first timer. If you love chicken and you want to know the ways to cook it, you can try the following:


First, put the chicken into the boiling water. Then, place the chicken into ice cold water before you grill it. This way, you will be able to lock the juices in. The water used for boiling may also be used as a chicken stock.


There are numerous recipes to bake chicken either chicken pieces or whole.


Boiling chicken will get you a great chicken soup. The chicken may be boiled before shredding and served as a garnishing for a noodle soup dish. Boiling chicken before grilling shortens the time for cooking. You may also double boil the chicken. It is slow cooking over a few hours, which require you to cook chicken in the pot placed to a pot of boiling water. It can be cooked using indirect heat for even cooking.


It’s like grilling chicken. You can moisten chicken pieces with gravy and put them on your baking pan and cook them for several minutes. These are perfect for salads and sandwiches.


It’s like stewing. You have to add liquid enough to cover meats and let your chicken cook slowly. Usually, it is done for tough chicken pieces.


It is a common method of cooking. There are numerous delicious recipes for deep frying chicken.


It’s another known method of cooking chicken and there are numerous roasted chicken recipes you can try.


It’s one of the most common methods of cooking chicken to barbecue.


Clean the chicken first and scald it with boiling water to get rid of the feathers.


Sauteed chicken is a simple recipe. It takes several minutes to sauté chicken with a bit of oil and herbs.


It’s like grilling the chicken. You can combine cooked chicken meat with your favorite sauces and spread it on the meat to toast.


For this cooking method, you will need a big clay oven. Marinate the chicken in spices and yogurt and grill it in a special clay oven over the charcoal fire.


It is a slow cooking process that’s worth the wait. You have to put some water and vegetables and let it boil until the mixture becomes a heavy gravy.


Searing chicken pieces provides it a great golden crispy exterior while leaving it soft in the inside like browning. It’s done through applying high temperature quickly to all chicken pieces.


Cooking scrambled chicken pieces is same with cooking scrambled eggs. Cook small chicken pieces or shredded chicken in light seasoning.

Those are just some of the many methods to cook chicken. No matter what your skills are, you are free to try those cooking methods.