Once their children reach their teenage years, the tendency for most parents is to become a bit apprehensive than usual. Based on studies, it was revealed that parents play the biggest influence in the life of a teenager, specifically in terms of expectations, passing family values, responsibility, and choices about issues such as smoking, drugs, sex, and others.

Below are some tips to help you avoid common parenting mistakes when dealing with teenagers.

Never Belittle Your Teen’s Ideas

Maybe your teen is pondering on an out of this world idea. No matter how unrealistic it may sound, make sure you don’t put down the idea as it will make your child shut down. What you can do instead is ask why your teen is fascinated with the idea and how he plans to achieve it. It lets you show your support and makes your teen rethink if the idea is really practical or not. You also have to know that teens hate it when they are judged quickly.

Talk Less But Listen More

Lectures can become more ineffective once your child reaches the teenage years. Teens often feel that they are being treated as little kids so they just ignore whatever their parents say. Instead of trying to force your opinions on your teenage child, start a conversation. Help your child come up with a solution to whatever problem is at hand.

Let Your Teen Find a Solution to the Problem

You probably can’t beat seeing your teenage child dealing with the problem by himself. But, you should avoid solving it yourself. If you do so, your teen will feel that he is just a good for nothing. What you can do is show your teen your own problem solving skills and offer your suggestions on how to solve the issue.

Stay Away from Permissive Parenting

You might think it is cool to be an open-minded parent. However, liberal and permissive parenting is among the worst parenting piece of advice if you have teenage children. Not setting limits, taking less or no interest in the activities of the child, and not paying attention to the whereabouts of the child are among the things that permissive parents do. This form of parenting will make your teen think that you don’t care for them or value them.

Don’t Expect for the Worst At All Times

Many parents feel anxious about the mere thought of their children becoming teenagers. They instantly assume that their child will transform into an uncontainable monster. Most parents assume their children will engage in sexual activities or use drugs. But, this trail of thoughts is something that you should avoid at all cost. Don’t just jump into conclusions every time your child is not within your sight. Engage in conversations with your teen every chance you get and stay updated about their interests, hobbies, and activities they participate in.

Raising a teenager doesn’t have to be stressful as long as you avoid these mistakes that can be detrimental to the development of your child and the kind of relationship you have with him.