There is nothing like an engagement ring that can motivate a woman for weight loss. The photos! The dress! The honeymoon! The dance! You will be splurging on these stuffs. It’s no wonder that you want to look fabulous on your wedding day. And in order to look your best, you want to lose weight for wedding.  Finding time to exercise every day amid wedding preparations is not going to be an easy task, but you will have to manage everything, in order to look flawless. Along with exercise, you will have to watch out your diet to get the desired results.

Ways to Lose Weight Before Your Wedding

Well, there is no such quick diet or workout that can magically make you healthy overnight. That’s because quick fixes, diet pills and extreme workouts fail to provide long term results. You just need to stay in control, no matter how stressful the wedding planning becomes.

Easy Ways to Slim Down Before Your Wedding

Track your food: It means you have to watch your calorie consumption amid tasting samples from wedding caterers. Keep portion size small. You unknowingly consume a lot of calories while tasting the sample food, and waste your workout efforts. If you do not have anything to do during the final days before your wedding, track your calorie consumption diligently every day.

Eat breakfast: Breakfast is the easiest meal to prepare, and it provides energy for entire day. Start your day with healthy breakfast, and boost your metabolism. Eating breakfast can help you lose weight faster, as you will consume fewer calories later in the day.

Prioritize fitness: Don’t sideline diet and exercise because of wedding preparation. Health and fitness should be your priority. Plan your schedule by keeping your fitness routine in mind.

Get support: You can consult with a dietician, weight loss doctor or nutritionist for healthy fitness routine before wedding. A weight loss professional will prepare a diet chart and workout plan for you, so that you can achieve your weight loss goals before wedding.

Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

Mediterranean Diet is considered as one of the healthiest diet in the world. This diet is full of healthy fats, whole grains, sea food, legumes, olive oil and moderate amount of wine. The Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan is very good for heart health. Mediterranean-style eating pattern helps in controlling body weight, maintaining blood sugar level, improving heart health and reducing risk of depression.

Mediterranean diet is not about starving. While following this diet, you will never feel like you are dieting. Luckily, Mediterranean Diet is just as pleasant on your taste buds as it is to your health. You can even fire up the grill for tasty Mediterranean dishes and celebrate summer in Mediterranean style!

Mediterranean Diet Menu Plan


Kick start your day with healthy Greek Omelet. The Greek Omelet will provide you the satisfying amount of protein from the eggs, and vegetables nutrients are great add-ons. In order to make Greek Omelet tastier, you can add flavorful feta cheese. This power packed breakfast contains only 267 calories. You can eat a piece of whole-grain toast with this omelet to get more staying power.


Mediterranean lunch is delightful. Fattoush salad with typical Middle Eastern flavors is a famous Mediterranean style lunch. This lunch is easy and quick to make. You can have Toasted Pita and Bean Salad for lunch. Add some beans to your salad to get fiber and protein. Fresh herbs, olive oil and lemon juice will punch up the flavor of your lunch. This balanced lunch delivers whole grains, vegetables and healthy fats to boost your afternoon.


You can have vegetables and fruits to satisfy your evening time hunger. Fresh fruits and vegetables will fulfill your hunger without any side effects. A small handful of nuts are also Mediterranean diet-friendly snack. If you like eating tangy snacks, you can try Spiced Spanish Almonds.


Seafood is the main part of the Mediterranean diet. You can enjoy delicious seafood during dinner. Prepare your dinner in olive oil and add Mediterranean spices. The Mediterranean dinner will provide lean protein and whole grains to your body. Don’t forget to pour a glass of red wine to enjoy each and every bite of your dinner.