Job searching has become a really hard task, in this ever-changing world where everything is decided fast after the computer has become the deciding factor in many companies end establishments.  Knowing the correct tips regarding how to apply for jobs and how participate in the interview can help you very much in becoming successful in your endeavour for a new job.  An organized effort will make the entire process smooth and it will become easy for you to reap success without much difficult y or strain. In this article i am going to give some very important tips which can help one to get a job at the earliest through online applications.

Make an office

If you already have a home office, it is good.  Otherwise you should create one immediately. You should find a functional work space in your house and set it apart for this purpose. Arrange equipment like computer, printer, phone, pen, paper etc which are needed in an office.  Make the space free from clutter, newspapers, magazines etc and keep it neat and tidy. In the newly created office you should create an atmosphere conducive to job searching. Distractions like facebook, TV, twitter etc has to be avoided.

Identify your goal

The major task in the initial stage of job search is to find out the type of job that you are looking for and that will be suitable for you. A more specific goal will help you to stay focused and work more effectively.     The important points to be considered include the type of job you want, the industry you like to work in, the skills and qualifications possessed by you, the existing commitments you have to meet etc. Fixing the end goal will help you to be focused on specific job search and related activities.

Plan the actions needed to achieve the goal

As your goal is fixed, now is the time to decide the individual actions needed to achieve the goal. Writing your resume, writing the cover letter, identifying the companies that are suitable for you, getting leads from your contacts to the short listed companies, contacting new recruiters every week etc are some of the common tasks you need to perform at this juncture.

Make a daily routine

Create a daily routine   and stick it to everyday is very important. This will help you to stay focused. Start your search early in the morning like the days when you were doing work.    Dedicate your time to some serious activities like going to emails, checking for new job vacancies, keeping your contacts active, starting to contacting recruiters etc. At the end of the day examine what you have done and what you have achieved and keep a record of it.


There are more things to do from applying for jobs to speaking to your recruitment managers. So priorities them to remain efficient. Spend more time speaking to the managers of the companies where you wish to get a job.

Track leads

It is quiet natural that you would have applied for large number of jobs. Now you may need a tool to monitor the various stages of important applications that you have sent. It will be better to keep a log of activities you have done and the results of these activities. The progress of your activities can be tracked by making use of an excel spread sheet containing details like name of the company, email address, role applied for, telephone number, date sent, link to role, notes, follow up actions, interview date etc.

Systemise the process

Systemising the search and application for job can reduce the effort and give better results. You can reuse templates and your application can be tailored to suit specific roles. Cover letters can be similar. You will need to make changes in the job description, and similar matters. Always check and make sure that this has not created any flaw in your resumes.

Canned answers

You might have noticed that similar questions pop up in every interview like what are your weaknesses, why do you want this job etc. With practice and training you will become capable of giving polished and impressive answers.

Rinse and repeat

You should make it a routine and follow every step scrupulously every time. As this is a linear process you can monitor it well. When you achieve temporary success, your morale will be boosted up and this will encourage you to work hard till your job search becomes completely successful.