So, are you planning to get divorce? Well, losing a spouse can be a painful process. Whether it is a sudden death or an unwanted divorce, it can take years to get over it. So, before you reach out to a divorce attorney¸ make sure that you know what to expect from divorce.

Often at times when people lose a spouse through a divorce, they feel like they do not have a clear roadmap to process things. Furthermore, they often find it difficult to take the marriage out of their health.

In case a relationship is dissatisfying, divorce can actually feel quite relieving. However, sometimes when a relationship slowly disintegrates, a person feels deep issues with their mental health. Such issues can keep one from moving forward in life.

Impacts of divorce on mental health

According to most psychologists, divorce can have a considerable impact on the mental health of a person. For instance, one may end up feeling resentment, confusion, shame, fear, anger, anxiety, and a range of other emotions.

Sometimes, these feelings can take a permanent place in the mind and effect one’s everyday life. This may also be the case if one was happy with the divorce. It takes no time for these feelings to start creeping on you.

Eating routine

It is widely observed that right after a divorce, a person may stop eating or their eating schedules will become disturbed. This is one of the side effects, where a person suddenly stops feeling hungry. So, it is not just emotional, but a divorce may also result in behavioural disturbances in a person.

Some people undergo considerable weight loss as a result of this. And this is not a good thing at all. Rather, it signifies a destructive and serious physiological reaction to all the stress. At the same time, many men may also notice that their hair is falling at an alarming rate.

This is a condition known as Telogen Effluvium, in which the hair follicles react negatively to extreme stress. And as a result of this, hair slowly begin to fall out. However, fortunately this condition is not permanent and can be reversed.

Substance abuse

Another common issue that people experience after a divorce is the urge of substance abuse. While some people may start overeating, others will start abusing substances like alcohol in order to relieve their mental pain. This especially applies to divorced men.

According to a number of surveys, divorced men are far more likely to abuse substances in comparison to divorced women. So, it is particular important for divorced men to seek therapy wherever applicable.

Getting therapy

Proper therapy can help deal with issues like this. Furthermore, if the divorce was one-sided, then a person may end up feeling alone. Feelings of loneliness significantly affect the mental health. At times like these, it is very important to have a friend or a close relative by the side.

Getting therapy can also be very helpful for the road towards recovery. So, do not hesitate to reach out to a good psychological therapist if you are feeling such issues.


There are many harsh truths associated with divorce. So, it is incredibly important for you to see all the sides of divorce before finally settling with a decision. Remember that the more you think, the better you will be able to decide about getting a divorce.

In the end, also discuss how you feel with your partner and see if you both can come to a certain settlement. Taking the help of family attorney Fairfax VA can go a long way if you have already decided to end the marriage.