The procedure of a DUI/DWI case can be very complicated and complex to handle but a DUI/DWI lawyer can surely help you get through it. There are several steps and stages that are involved in a DUI/DWI case and a drug charges lawyer will surely help you defend your case in an expert way.

Stages of DUI/DWI Case

The following is a general overview of the procedure that is involved in any DUI/DWI case. It is nonetheless important to remember that the stages or basic steps may vary from one case to another and only your drug charges lawyer will be able to guide you best through it.

Step 1 – Issuance of Arrest Warrant

The first stage or step of a DUI/DWI case is the issuance of an arrest warrant. The police will bring the arrest warrant to you and you will be notified about the arrest that is likely to happen in a few days’ time. The issuance of the arrest warrant is more like a preparatory time that you get from the police.

Step 2 – Booking for Custody

The second step is after a few days of the issuance of the arrest warrant. You will be booked for custody by the police and will have to spend at least an overnight in jail. The police during this time will official file the case against you with all basic personal information about you including your name, age, marital status, nationality, address and other contact information.

Step 3 – Appeal and Grant for Bail

After spending just one night in the jail, you can plea for bail. The application be submitted through your lawyer and the court will grant bail within a few hours of application submission.

Step 4 – Charge in Courtroom

Charge in the courtroom is also known as arraignment in the court. This is the first time you have to be present in the court alongside your drug charges lawyer. This is the time when you will be told by the jury members and judge about all the charges that are set against you. This is usually the time when it finally sinks in that you are caught up in serious mess.

Step 5 – Bargaining

This is the last unofficial meeting you can have outside the court. Both parties get a chance to sit down and try to resolve their problems outside court for the last time.

Step 6 – Trial Sessions 

The number of trial sessions vary from case to case. This is when both parties along with their lawyers present in the court on dates given by the judge.

Step 7 – Final Sentence

The final trial session in court is when you will present alongside the DUI/DWI lawyer in the court to hear the final verdict of the court against you. This is the daunting moment when you can either be named guilty or non-guilty. In case you are proven guilty and you do not agree with the decision your lawyer can challenge the decision in court whilst you will have to stay in jail.