If you have an eye problem and you would like to fix it and at the same time look great you should go for prescription sunglasses. The good thing with the units is that you can wear them when hiking, working outdoors, or even when driving.

Guide to buying prescription sunglasses

When you are buying fashionable sunglasses there are many factors you should consider for you to buy the right ones. Experts recommend that you buy polarized sunglasses in order to protect your eyes from the glare resulting from reflected surfaces. This feature comes in handy when you are looking for units to protect your eyes when you are skiing, driving, playing golf, or engaging in any other outdoor activity.

You should also ensure that the units you are buying have an anti-reflective coating. This is a coating that provides you with extra reflection from the sun. The frame used in making the sunglasses is of vital importance. As rule of thumb, it should be made from high-quality material. It also should match your face.

You should also consider the activities that you engage in. If you are in the business world, you should stick with frames that come with conservative colors and shapes. When it comes to shapes, go for conservative shapes such as almonds, rectangles, and ovals. For colors, go for silver, brown, black, or gunmetal frames.

For creative professionals, you should wear geometric designs that come in plastic or metallic frames. You can try out interesting colors such as purple, green, blue, retro or any other of your favorite colors. As a student, you should go for eye-catching shapes and colors. You can go for unusual shapes, frames of large sizes, and color animations.

The size of the sunglasses is also of great importance. To be comfortable, the sunglasses should fit you perfectly. When buying the units, pay attention to the eye, temple and bridge size of the sunglasses. You should note that while the units should be fitting, they should be a little bit broader in order to provide you with optimum sun protection.


These are some of the factors you should consider when you are buying Oakley sunglasses or any other type of prescription sunglasses. When buying the units ensure they are of high quality. You can do this by buying them from a reputable sunglasses store. The units should also be made from high-quality materials.

Sunglasses are one of the best ways to protect your eyes from harmful sun rays and at the same time look trendy. There are many types of these units you can go for. The most popular are designer sunglasses that provide you with optimum protection and also have a high-end look.

Categories of designer sunglasses

All sunglasses are grouped into different categories. These categories include:

Category 0: They allow 80-100% of brightness to pass through. They are usually clear or slightly tinted. According to the manufacturers, they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use especially during cloudy weather.

Category 1: These ones allow 43-80% of brightness to pass through them.  They are slightly tinted and ideal for use in the city during the cloudy days.

Category 2: Category 2 sunglasses pass 18-43% of brightness. They are moderately tinted and have an average light perception. They are ideal for use during summer.

Category 3: They allow 8-18% of brightness to pass through. They feature dark lenses thus ideal for use in strong sunlight. These fashionable sunglasses are ideal for use in southern climates, beaches, mountains, and water reflections.

Category 4: They pass 3-18% of light. They are very dark and provide excellent solar luminosity. They are ideal for use in high mountains and glaciers. You are discouraged from wearing them when driving.

Factors to consider at the sunglasses store

When buying Ran ban sunglasses or any other units you need to consider a number of factors for you to buy the right ones. One of the factors to consider is the material used in making the frames. You should go for units made from flexible material. Avoid nylon frames as they can easily break on slight bending. You should go for frames made from porous material.

Also, consider the weight of the frames. While the frames might be trendy, they won’t feel good on you if they are heavy and you have to return them in place every now and then. Go for units that you can wear comfortably the entire day.

The sunglasses lens is of great importance as it determines how the sunglasses look. As rule of thumb, go with a lens color that complements your look. The lens should also be made from a high-quality optical material that is lightweight and scratch resistant.

For you to enjoy wearing the Prada sunglasses or any other sunglasses, you should ensure that they are comfortable. When trying them on, ensure that there is no pressure behind your ears. Also, ensure that the units don’t slip off your nose.