Slate countertops are less popular compared to its cousins like marble and granite countertops. However, they offer a unique appearance to your kitchen along with other benefits. If you’re considering slate as your kitchen countertop, read the below pros and cons of slate countertops.

What Are Slate Countertops?

Slate is a metamorphic rock composed of quartz, clay, shale, and others. It’s commonly used for roofing, flooring, siding, and even countertops. Thin slices of slate are taken and glued together to make slate countertops.

Pros Of Slate Countertops

Many homeowners prefer slate countertops due to the benefits they offer.


Natural stone countertops are usually glossy and smooth. Moreover, most natural stone countertops need to be sealed and it makes them shinier. Slate, on the other hand, has a textured appearance that is very different from other natural stones. It can give off a rustic look perfectly if coupled with wood cabinets.

However, you can use it with a modern theme as well. For example, if you are going for contrasting colors of your cabinets and countertops, you can go for white cabinets and gray or black slate countertops.

Keep in mind that slate kitchen countertops mostly come in neutral tones like black, gray, and brown. However, if you look for unique colors of slate countertops, you may be able to find green, purple, red, and gold colors, but they may be more expensive than the usual shades of slate.

Non-Porous And Stain-Resistant

Granite, marble, and other natural stones are porous. This means that spills can seep into the surface and damage the countertop. This is the reason these materials are sealed to avoid spills from damaging their surface.

Slate is non-porous even though it’s a natural stone. Slate countertops can be used without sealing. That being said, some installers may recommend sealing for added protection. Due to this reason, the risk of spills damaging the countertops is lower. Stains of spills and food items won’t be difficult to clean which makes maintenance of slate countertops easier and simpler.


Slate countertops are durable and won’t chip or cracks easily. Like other natural stone counters, slate countertops can also withstand a high level of heat. However, you should still be careful when putting hot pans on the counters. This advice is valid for any countertop material.

Low Cost

Slate countertops are a bit offbeat because most people like to get popular natural stones like marble and granite for their kitchen countertops. However, slate countertops offer durability similar to granite at a much lower cost.

This makes it a good option for homeowners looking for a different material than granite who also want to keep their countertop installation costs low. On top of that, the lower cost doesn’t come with low durability. So, won’t need to replace or repair the countertop for years.

Cons Of Slate Countertops

Color And Design Choices Are Limited

Slate countertops are mostly in neutral tones like black, gray, brown, and similar hues. So, the color options of slate countertops are limited in comparison to marble, granite, and quartz. The same goes for the patterns and designs of slate countertops.

Therefore, you should select slate countertops if you’re fine with the limited color options and you can incorporate those colors in your kitchen well.

The matte finish of slate countertops is attractive for some but for others, it may appear dull. So, check out different slate slabs before choosing any.

For example, homeowners who have a lot of color in their kitchen can go with a neutral-colored slate countertop so it complements other colors. On the other hand, people who want their kitchen island to be the center of attention may prefer other materials with wider color options.

Sharp Edges

Slate countertops can have sharp edges. This can be a problem if you have children at home or disabled people. However, you can easily avoid this if you know about this problem of slate countertops, you can choose rounded edges.


Slate countertops are stain-resistant, low maintenance, easy to clean, cost-effective, and have a unique appearance, but the color options may be limited. Go to a granite countertop installer Raleigh NC to check out different kitchen countertop options before finalizing any material.